Simplicity, aesthetics and easy installation join in one single piece.

Efficiency and innovation is a quality that works in silence. No one seems to pay attention to it, but it makes by far a huge difference. One of the most revolutionary innovations by Roca is based on this principle: the development of the first toilet without a cistern. In-Tank from Roca is a unique concept, as it integrates the water tank into the bowl.

In order to create this innovative product in the market, Roca has developed the exclusive technology Soft Air, an air injection system that propels water from the tank towards the upper part of the bowl, achieving a highly effective and quiet flush. Thanks to the elimination of the cistern, In-Tank greatly simplifies the installation process becoming an all-in-one piece that is able to provide a clean aesthetics, similar to the one found in built-in cisterns, but without the need of renovating.

In-Tank from Roca

In-Tank is available in both wall-hung and floor-mounted versions. Once the visual impact of the external cistern is eliminated, this exclusive model by Roca is able to provide greater lightness to the bathroom achieving fairly open spaces.

But this is not all. In-Tank is also a commitment to sustainability. The optimised flush is electronically controlled so that the exact amount of water required to flush the WC at various stages of the flush process is used. This makes the flush efficiency and performance much better than a conventional toilet. To support this further, the cut out in the rim of the pan has been designed for optimum flushing performance and efficiency at reduced flush volumes.

In-Tank from Roca