Latest ideas for your ensuite bathroom interior design

Innovative design pieces that are perfect for creating your very own personal haven.

Having an en-suite bathroom means that the sanctuary of your bedroom spills into a secondary space. An en-suite bathroom design strives to provide a luxury experience often with limited space. In this article we take a look at en-suite bathroom ideas – from multi-functional storage solutions to mirrors that will literally lighten up your smile – helping you create your dream en-suite.

Furniture featuring the latest technology

Maximising wellbeing and making bathroom routines as seamless as possible will be high on the agenda for anyone designing an en-suite bathroom. Throw in a desire for strong aesthetics and interest in the latest technology, and there is a lot to achieve in this small space. Thankfully there is a product that ticks all the boxes: Stratum – a furniture storage unit like no other. Setting the benchmark when it comes to bathroom connectivity, Stratum not only offers an auxiliary socket and sophisticated interior lighting, but Bluetooth® too! This means that you can connect to your smartphone wirelessly and soundtrack your morning shave or ablutions! A delight to those who enjoy a sing-song in the shower, Stratum provides more than entertainment. Its drawers are large in capacity and have been cleverly designed with many compartments, perfect for an ensuite bathroom design. Say goodbye to frantic rummaging and hello to finding what you need, when you need it.

Adjustable LED lighting

Often our bathrooms need to cater for more than one person’s needs and preferences. Products that facilitate personalisation are a great solution! When it comes to bathroom mirrors, the Iridia is a smart and stylish piece of design. The intensity of its perimeter lighting can be adjusted to suit its user, and it also has a built-in demister. If you already have a mirror, but the mention of innovative lighting solutions has peaked your interest, why not consider the Smartlight spotlight? The Smartlight can be installed above your mirror and has a remote control to adjust the brightness and temperature of its light. Helpfully, Smartlight has three pre-programmed settings – make-up, shaving and ambient. Smartlight is an excellent ensuite bathroom idea!

Relax and disconnect beneath your perfect showerhead

Raindream shower heads have been developed with relaxation at the forefront. Find refuge in your en-suite bathroom, and soak under a water flow engineered to evoke the natural cascade of rainfall. Available in a round or square design to suit your en-suite bathroom design, once you’ve experienced a Raindream shower there’s no turning back!