Learn our best bathroom design tips

Renovate your bathroom with sophisticated designs that incorporate the latest technology.

A modern bathroom should reflect the way you lead your life. If you’re someone who is always eager to adopt the latest technological advances into every aspect of your life, you’ll be excited to discover our range of products that bring innovation to bathroom furniture and appliances, and a whole new meaning to functiontionality.

Iridia mirror

Bathroom mirrors should be much more than a reflective surface. Our exclusive Iridia mirrors have adjustable perimeter lighting activated with a touch sensor. Its built-in demister device ensures the mirror remains steam free and automatically de-activates after an hour. Available as a round or rectangular mirror, Iridia’s distinguished illuminated frames means it’s guaranteed to stand out in any bathroom.

Stratum-N bathroom furniture

Stratum-N provides comfort based on connectivity. It’s generously proportioned storage features interior lighting and Bluetooth®️ speakers, so you can wirelessly connect to your smartphone and soundtrack your daily bathroom rituals. To offer the maximum storage capacity, Stratum-N comes with internal compartments, making it easy for you to organise all your bathroom essentials so they are exactly where you need them.

EP1 electronic operating plate

With its touchless technology, the EP1 electronic operating plate is a must-have in any modern bathroom. Its presence sensors activate the cistern, which makes selecting a higher or lower water volume for each flush both easier, and more hygienic, than ever before. Available in a range of colours, the EP1 is an elegant final touch the modern bathroom and no more fingerprints!

Smart Toilet In-Wash®

In a revision of the toilet concept, the In-Wash® brings intimate hygiene to the WC. With customisable cleaning and drying functions, In-Wash® sees the toilet and bidet combine. By using its remote control or side panel, you can choose specific cleaning settings, and regulate functions such as the intensity of the water flow, and the temperature of water and air for a total feeling of clean.

Deck-T shower column

Finally, complete the interior decoration of your modern bathroom with shower brassware that allows you choose the exact temperature you need. To provide maximum comfort, the Deck-T thermostatic shower column also has a shelf, adding that extra touch of sophistication with its smoked glass finish.