Lighting ideas for a modern bathroom

Looking for lighting ideas to give your bathroom that wow factor?

As apartments in cities get increasingly smaller, there are often spaces that require more effective lighting. Roca can light up any corner of your bathroom with the help of our innovative products and solutions. If you have run out of creative ideas to light up your space, here are some modern bathroom lighting tips:

Iridia, perimeter light

Mirrors are very useful elements to light up bathrooms with no natural light. Iridia is a mirror with an integrated perimeter light available in various dimensions and in a choice of rectangular or round shapes. Balanced, neutral and warm, Iridia’s illumination is emitted from all sides of the mirror, creating an ambient bathroom atmosphere. The light is activated by touching an integrated sensor on the mirror. There is also a demister device built into the mirror to stop it from steaming up which is can be turned on and off by touching the Roca logo and automatically switches off after one hour, in case you forget to do it yourself!


Prisma, Touchless technology

Continuing with the theme of illuminated bathroom mirrors, Prisma brings the latest in modern bathroom lighting with a distinctive, rectangular design, available in a wide range of dimensions. What makes it unique is its upper LED light, lower ambient lighting and demister device, and that all features are activated by motion sensors with integrated Touchless technology.


Smartlight, customised lighting

When looking for lighting solutions, you also need to consider that there may already be a mirror installed in the bathroom. Therefore, if you do require additional lighting, you could choose a separate intelligent LED mirror light option like Smartlight. Especially designed for those who like to customise every detail in their homes, Smartlight includes a remote control that provides access to three different lighting settings for ‘make-up’, ‘shaving’ or ‘ambient’ light which allow you to select both the brightness and the shade required.


Starlight, perfect LED light

Finally, another very versatile solution for LED bathroom lighting is Starlight. In a matt steel finish, Starlight easily attaches onto the mirror to provide the perfect flow of light, owing to its LED technology, for you to carry out your bathroom routines with comfort and ease!