Looking for a freestanding bathtub? We tell you everything you need to know!

Innovative shapes and materials helping you wind down.

Imagine this…The perfect book, sticking on your favourite album, or just peace and quiet, and your bath. Step into your freestanding bathtub – it becomes a tranquil island…

You can find your perfect freestanding bathtub with Roca today; discover exclusive designs in Surfex®, find elegance in cast iron options, let the lightness of acrylic baths take you away, or choose a robust and hygienic steel alternative. Choosing a freestanding bathtub means your bathroom will have a beautiful statement piece and you’ll have your own personal island to escape to.

Surfex®, make it your own

Freestanding bathtubs made of the new material Surfex® come in a range of flexible designs and shapes, which were previously unthinkable. With an outstanding plasticity, this innovative material has a warm mineral texture, which is very pleasant to the touch and has anti-slip properties, ideal for any bath and shower space.

Discover the features of Surfex® with the Beyond collection, designed for modern and urban bathrooms. The generous 1800x900mm freestanding bathtub has a beautiful oval silhouette and an elegant, straight, tap ledge which is also perfect for those scented candles…

The Modo collection lets you customise your space, with two different rectangular freestanding bath models: 2000x800mm and 1800x800mm. The larger option has a beautifully functional shelf and a drawer built into the side of the bathtub itself, and you can select a City Oak or Dark Mirror finish for the drawer. When you have created your perfect configuration, you can lay back and enjoy the bubbly luxury of your own freestanding bathtub.

Cast iron, heritage and elegance

Reclaiming the classic robustness of cast iron, these freestanding bathtubs not only look and feel elegant but are extremely durable and strong. Their incredible thermal and acoustic insulation properties allow them to maintain the temperature for longer, letting you stay in the bathtub as long as you wish!

The classic Eliptico freestanding bathtub collection is the perfect choice for a vintage look. Available in one size (1700x850mm) but many finishes, the collection offers exterior colour options such as Copper, Grey, Black, Navy Blue and Bordeaux, in addition to the timeless white look. You can also customise this collection with a choice of three legs in Classic, Savanha (Lion’s paw) or Eagle’s Claw.

Acrylic, lighter shapes

Modern types of acrylic, a highly versatile and resistant material, make it possible to produce lighter baths that are easy to install and maintain.

The Georgia freestanding bath is a robust option with a beautiful oval-shaped design. This bath comes in one size (1850x1000mm) which is deep so can make your experience even more luxurious and special owing to its proportions.




With a triple coating of a high gloss enamel, steel bathtubs offer a highly durable and hygienic freestanding option. Steel keeps the water warmer for longer and is easily cleaned without affecting the finish.

The Duo Plus freestanding bathtub is an oval steel bath available with or without an anti-slip base, making it suitable for showering too. Available in a comfortable 1800x800mm and with a Super Heavy Gauge (a reinforced much thicker steel and enamel bath) it is lavish and durable at the same time.

For a contemporary bathroom design, the Art Plus freestanding bath is a stunning option. This steel bath is held on a platform made from natural American oak wood and has an optional anti-slip base.

A freestanding bath can become a real centrepiece in your bathroom; select the collection that suits you best and immerse yourself into your perfect bathroom escape.