Love bathing? Explore our bathtub design ideas to help you find your perfect model

Whether your bathroom is small or large, there are bathtubs of all shapes, sizes and designs to fulfil your needs!

Sometimes you just need to hit life’s ‘pause button’, and clear your mind of worries and to-do lists. The bath is the element in the bathroom that can help you do this, providing the space for a brief escape from reality. If you have space for a beautiful freestanding bath, you can enjoy the mineral texture of Surfex®, the prestige of cast iron or the lightness of acrylic. If you prefer a built-in bath, you can choose from compact baths to spacious hydromassage baths that offer you an invigorating and bubbly soak. It’s time to explore an array of innovative bathtub design ideas!

Freestanding bathtubs with a variety of textures

If you feel like recreating the aesthetic of a bygone era, cast iron bathtubs will provide the vintage look of your dreams. The Eliptico bath is a delight for the senses, due to its oval shape and the options of choosing from three different sets of chromed feet. Carmen, with its raised front edge, is also a beautiful traditional option. Both collections allow you to decorate the bathroom with a classic white bath or opt for a coloured finish: Black, Grey, Bordeaux, Navy blue or Copper.

If your bathtub ideas are more modern, and you’re looking for a design to fit your style, we have a range of options for you. For the most contemporary bath designs, experience the tactility of Roca’s solid surface Surfex®, giving you joint-free surfaces and angular shapes. The Modo collection presents rectangular bathtubs in two dimensions and offers the possibility of adding a drawer in Oak or Dark Mirror. Beyond combines elegant curved lines with an urban look.

Whilst on the subject of freestanding baths, there are acrylic options too, like Georgia, which appeals not only due to its lightness but also because of its timeless oval shape.

Built-in baths for all kinds of needs

Perfectly integrated and protected by panels or bathroom tiles, Roca’s built-in bathtubs can fit flawlessly into the available space. The Becool bathtub not only features practical grips, it also provides the option of having a therapeutic hydromassage session.

If you want a built-in bath but prefer the sturdiness of metal, discover the Princess-N steel baths and the Haiti and Mali cast iron baths. All three models are shaped after the outline of the body, which means less water is used without compromising on the bathing experience. They also include features such as an anti-slip base, optional white headrests and grips to make it easier to get in and out of the bath. All this will help you design your perfect bathing experience!