Mediterranean-inspired bathrooms

Create a little piece of the Med in your own home with bathroom furniture and accessories

Neutral tones, textural finishes and minimalist elements, all combine to create a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic, and the good news is it’s easy to achieve. With some carefully chosen bathroom vanity units, bathroom accessories and black bathroom taps and shower mixers, you can get that holiday-feel every time you step into the bathroom.

What is the look?

Imagine pebble-smooth textured surfaces, an earthy colour palette and simple, pared-backed designs. This trend is meant to make you feel at ease, a calming space where you feel warm and relaxed and can focus on your sense of wellbeing. The choice of finishes, shapes and colours should be chosen in order to help the scheme blend naturally with its outside surroundings, albeit imagining that your surroundings are somewhere Mediterranean! The Ona Collection from Roca has been designed with this aesthetic in mind and the whole collection from the bathroom furniture and bathroom accessories, through to the shower mixers and black bathroom taps, all work together to achieve that sense of escapism.

Look at earthy-coloured bathroom furniture

Choose colours inspired by Mediterranean landscapes, picking out tonal woods such as Ona’s Dark Elm and Light Oak bathroom vanity units, or Matt White and Grey bathroom furniture finishes, reminiscent of pebbles washed smooth by the waves. For a bolder look consider a deeper tone, like Matt Green bathroom vanity units from Ona. Pay attention to the finer details, such as the feel of the materials used, pick finishes that feel good to touch not just to look at, so that your bathroom appeals to more of your senses.

The key to achieving this Mediterranean style is keeping things looking clean and streamlined, so keep this in mind when choosing showers and taps. It’s a contemporary look so opt for something that looks neat, striking and on-trend such as black bathroom taps and shower mixers. Ona’s range of black bathroom taps and shower mixers are available in either Matt Black or the glossier Titanium Black.

Choose contemporary black bathroom taps and shower mixers

Think about minimalist bathroom accessories

Don’t let bathroom accessories become an afterthought. It’s the little details that can make or break a mood so look for items that echo the sentiment of the rest of the room. Ona’s bathroom accessories all have smoothed, soft edges in Matt White, Grey and Green colour ways, beautifully complementing the bathroom furniture.