Modern freestanding baths in a range of styles

Stand alone baths that bring luxury, charm and style to the bathroom.

A modern freestanding bath made of resin will become the centrepiece of any bathroom due to its incredible texture and design possibilities. Manufactured in Stonex®, a stand alone bath brings great comfort and sophistication to the modern bathroom or bedroom, where it can be installed as a prominent element of wellbeing. In gloss white, Roca’s models provide brightness and, thanks to the textured finish of their base, maximum anti-slip properties to ensure safety in the bathroom. In this article we’ll explore 6 modern freestanding bathtubs, with the aim of helping you choose the one that defines you and your bathroom vision the best.

Kauai, freestanding bath with exotic shapes

A stylish oval form and a narrow base are the exotic traits of Kauai, making it an ideal bathtub to transform your bath time into a unique invigorating experience. Measuring 1600 x 750 mm, this modern freestanding bath stands out for its exquisite simplicity, making it perfect for minimalistic bathrooms.

Maui, classic lines in two variations

Full of charisma, Maui is a freestanding bath that combines innovative materials and sophisticated shapes, reminiscent of bathtubs from a bygone era. Delicate curves bring sophistication and ample space caters for the ultimate bathing and wellbeing experience. Maui is available in two shapes: Round and Square. Maui Round measures 1500 x 700mm and features a slightly elevated backrest, providing maximum comfort. Maui Square measures slightly larger at 1550 x 700mm with slightly curved side walls in the centre.

Manufactured in Stonex®, the Maui bathtub has a very natural and soothing texture, and its colour is resistant to UV light. Made with a combination of high-quality resins and minerals, Stonex® provides anti-slip properties to ensure maximum safety while bathing, and is highly durable.

Ariane, a large modern bath

An elongated oval, Ariane is an elegant design that is a great addition to spacious bathrooms. Reminiscent of a pebble, this 1650 x 750mm modern bath brings visual harmony due to the simplicity of its lines.

Modo, voluminous elegance

The Modo freestanding bath is one of the most charismatic pieces of this popular collection, and becomes the highlight of any bathroom it finds itself in. Manufactured in SURFEX®, this bathtub has anti-slip properties, is highly durable and enables a sophisticated, joint-free design. Available in three sizes, 1800 x 800mm, 1900 x 900mm and 2000 x 1000mm, Modo baths’ generous proportions make for an indulgent bathing experience. For the 2000mm version there is an option for a drawer and a shelf on one of its sides, providing a useful storage solution for bathtime essentials.

Beyond, taking innovation a step further

The Beyond freestanding bath is defined by its mix of curved and straight lines, which give it an impressive silhouette. This SURFEX® stand alone bath provides luxurious comfort and is available with or without a tap ledge, both options measuring 1846 x 937mm.

Raina, slender lines and stylish simplicity

Raina is an elegant, compact bath, measuring 1590 x 790 mm, providing the luxury of a stand alone bath for smaller bathroom spaces. Manufactured in Stonex®, this oval shaped bath brings calm and harmony to the bathroom.