Our tips to achieve a user friendly bathroom for the elderly

From anti-slip surfaces to illuminated mirrors: create a bathroom for users with reduced mobility.

As we age it is likely that we will gradually find our mobility restricted, and the daily bathroom rituals we have practiced all our lives may become something of challenge. You can prevent the bathroom from becoming a daunting place as you age with some simple practical solutions. These adaptations will help you feel more confident in the bathroom, and enable you to maintain an aspect of independence that is perhaps the most precious of all. From Smart Toilets to grab rails, there are a number of ways you can improve the usability of your bathroom for an elderly user.

To begin with there are high WCs, also referred to as ‘comfort height’ WCs. These toilets are designed to raise the position of the bowl to alleviate pressure on the knees, making sitting down and standing up easier to transition between. Comfort height WCs not only allow the user to retain independence for longer, but are also helpful for caregivers.

Illuminated and magnifying mirrors can increase comfort and efficiency when it comes to bathroom routines. A common companion of aging is reduced eye-sight, which can make what were once simple tasks, painstaking. Mirrors with built-in illumination, for example the Iridia collection, will minimise difficulty thanks to LED lights that are positioned along all sides of the mirror. Magnifying mirrors, such as the Luna mirrored cabinet that has a built in magnifying mirror, will also satisfy users with impaired vision, enabling them to save time in the bathroom without having to strain their eyes. Wall mounted magnifying mirrors are another option and are part of our Hotels accessory range.

When it comes to moving around the bathroom, grab rails can be a handy addition. Available in a range of dimensions and finishes, the bathroom grab rail can help you when you use the WC or with getting in and out of the bathtub. Their simplistic and practical design means that you can install them exactly where you need them. Whatsmore, they have an anti-slip and  electrically insulated coating for added comfort and peace of mind.

When considering renovating a bathroom for the elderly, choosing an appropriate surface is crucial. When it comes to the shower, we recommend a Terran Superslim shower tray which is floor leveled with anti-slip. Manufactured in Stonex®️, Roca’s Terran shower trays prevent slips due to their stone like texture which is naturally pleasing to the touch. There are a wide selection of bathtubs with anti-slip bases too.

The Roca In-Wash Smart Toilet, combining the functions of a WC and bidet, could be well suited for users with reduced mobility. Using the most advanced technology, In-Wash has been designed to provide maximum comfort and hygiene whilst being very intuitive and easy to use. In-Wash’s features include front and rear wash and drying with adjustable temperature control, as well as user detection and a night light. Whatsmore, the functions of the In-Wash can be operated using a remote control with generously proportioned and clearly laid out buttons.

Finally – for we can’t forget the smaller details – shower brassware can make a huge difference to the usability of the bathroom too. We recommend using thermostatic shower mixers when it comes to tailoring a bathroom for the elderly because they avoid any sudden temperature change and the brassware itself will not overheat. If you opt for the built-in options that are available, the majority of the product will be concealed behind the wall, thus minimising physical obstacles when it comes to showering.