Improve your personal hygiene

Enjoy a unique feeling of cleanliness thanks to Roca's smart WCs that facilitate intimate washing with water.

Feeling the caress of water is always an indescribable pleasure: in nature, in the shower or in your intimate hygiene. At Roca we have improved the hygiene systems with water to meet the needs of every home. If you search for technology, In-Wash® will allow you to customize all washing and drying functions with an intuitive control panel. To take a step further, the In-Wash® Smart Toilet with In-Tank integrates the tank into the bowl, removing the cistern from the bathroom space. And those who do not require a change of WC can opt for Multiclean®, which has the same features in a seat and cover that is easy to install or for Be Fresh Go, the hygienic hand-shower available in several finishes. Different products for an extraordinary feeling of cleanliness with water and a full transformation of the personal grooming routines.

Forget the cistern with In-Wash® with In-Tank®

If you have already heard of the stunning performance of the toilet that washes you with water, the In-Wash® with In-Tank® technology will surprise you even more. Thanks to an innovative design with integrated tank in the bowl, the flushing system does not require a cistern. Without complex masonry work or any drilling, its installation and maintenance process is much easier than you imagine. Choose the wall-hung or floorstanding version and enjoy the benefits of a smart WC in your home. Customize the washing, drying and flushing functions of the In-Wash® with the practical and intuitive remote control integrated in the wall bracket or activate the desired options with the auxiliary buttons you will find on either side of the seat and cover.

With In-Wash® with In-Tank® you will also discover the benefits of the Supraglaze enamel, exclusive at Roca, which covers the inner surface of the bowl to ensure maximum non-stick properties and prevent the buildup of dirt. Thus, every time you activate the flush, the Soft Air technology pushes water towards the upper rim of the bowl and the Rimless Vortex design guarantees comprehensive and silent cleaning.

Discover the WC that washes you with water, In-Wash®

If you are planning to renovate your bathroom and are searching for the latest innovations or if you wish to take a leap forward with a new way of conceiving your intimate hygiene, Roca’s WC with bidet meets your expectations. For a fully customized experience, In-Wash® features anal and perianal cleaning and drying functions in which you will be able to adjust the position of the nozzle, the pressure and temperature of water and air. Thanks to its intuitive use, you can easily operate it with the remote control or through a side panel, and its motion sensor will prevent its involuntary activation.

With a minimalistic design, the WC that washes you with water adapts to any bathroom space with its three models: wall-hung, with a built-in tank or back to wall. You only need a conventional water outlet and a power outlet for a safe installation, without any visible cables. This proposal for comprehensive hygiene will also help you keep the bowl clean for longer, thanks to the Rimless design that removes any possible nooks where dirt might build up.

Transform your intimate hygiene with the Multiclean® technology

If you do not need to change your toilet but would like to enjoy the benefits of a bidet, install the Multiclean® seat. Compatible with a wide range of Roca models, you will only have to replace the old seat and cover with this new option available in a Round, Soft and Square format. And just like that you can have a modern device for a comprehensive intimate hygiene. The system only requires the traditional water inlet and a power outlet for its installation. Fit it into your bathroom space and start enjoying its cleaning and drying functions that are fully customizable.

If you choose Multiclean® Advance, the intuitive side panel will be your great partner, as it allows you to choose the position of the nozzle, the temperature and pressure of water and the drying preferences. On the other hand, Multiclean® Premium adds a remote control and other functions, such as the option of choosing the temperature of the seat or the functionality that removes any bad odor from the WC.

Surrender to the benefits of the shower, Be Fresh Go

For an optimum washing with water without disregarding aesthetics, Be Fresh Go is a solution that can be easily installed near the WC. Practical and without taking up much space, this hygienic shower stands out in your bathroom space thanks to its wide range of finishes offered by its Everlux coating. Opt for the sophistication of Titanium Black or Brushed Titanium Black for a modern design or add a vintage touch with Rose Gold.  High resistance and durability in a piece that will become essential for your grooming routines.