Rimless wall hung toilet models are now available across a range of collections. Read about the technology here.

For a bathroom to champion wellbeing and health, hygiene is crucial. When it comes to toilets there have been several technological advancements in recent years, which have focused on hygiene and comfort, such as more powerful and efficient flushing systems. In this article we look at Roca Rimless toilets – WCs that eliminate the rim of the bowl – for a fully uniform surface that facilitates quicker, simpler and deeper cleaning.


Rimless toilets feature a bowl with no internal rim. The channel through which flushing water traditionally flows has been removed to provide smooth internal walls, with no nooks or angles where bacteria can build up. This new design makes cleaning simpler – wiping the bowl with a cleaning cloth is enough to keep the toilet clean, preventing limescale and bacteria from building up.


To ensure that the Rimless design does not lessen flush efficiency, the latest generation of Roca toilets propel water with greater force so that it reaches the entirety of the bowl surface, exceeding European Union standards. Moreover, Rimless toilets have a slight edge at the very top of the bowl, to avoid splashing, preventing water from flowing over the edge of the vitreous china.

Rimless toilets feature in many Roca ranges

Whatever your style preference, there’s a Rimless toilet for you! For those who want a bathroom that oozes in tradition and vintage aesthetic, consider a Carmen Rimless WC; or if slick modernism is more your vibe, what about Inspira or The Gap? If you’re into tech, the In-Wash® Smart Toilet combines WC and bidet functions and has a Rimless bowl too. Rimless WCs are available in wall-hung and floorstanding iterations, so you’re guaranteed to find the toilet best suited to your space.