Senceramic®: anti slip shower trays in a range of colours

Roca’s elegant concept for a range of ceramic shower trays that are both extraslim and highly durable.

Material innovation is at the heart of Roca’s design philosophy. We believe that even centuries old technology can be enhanced for the modern user. This led us to develop Senceramic® vitreous china, an extraordinary material that maintains all the hygiene and resistance-related qualities of traditional vitreous china, plus a highly anti slip surface. Throughout our history, expert production of vitreous china has been at the core of what we do. Senceramic® is a milestone in our development as a company, providing a new and improved version of a classic material that’s fit for a twenty-first century bathroom, where wellbeing and design is at the forefront.

When we think of vitreous china we think of resistance, hygiene and durability. Senceramic® takes vitreous china a step further. It’s enhanced with a new enamel coating that’s exclusive to Roca, which transforms into a textured, anti slip layer during the firing process. This innovation means that Senceramic® can maintain all the qualities associated with traditional vitreous china, as well as providing an incredibly safe ceramic shower tray design solution.

Senceramic® is an extremely hygienic material. As with traditional vitreous china, Senceramic® is a zero porosity surface that will not absorb humidity, and prevents the accumulation of bacteria. Because its surface is impermeable, these anti slip shower trays are very durable and easy to clean. It’s just as resistant as traditional ceramic, so disinfectant and abrasive substances that are commonly used to clean the bathroom, can be used on Senceramic® without fear of damaging the material.

At Roca, functionality and aesthetics come hand in hand. Our Senceramic® anti slip shower trays are available in a  range of shapes, sizes and colours, so they can be installed and enjoyed in bathrooms big and small. Being extraslim, Senceramic® can be cut to any size and allows flush to floor installation, reducing obstacles and maximising the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom. Raising the bar for customisation a step higher, Senceramic® shower trays are available in a range of colours – from classic hues like Matt White or Beige, to the more adventurous tones of Onyx, Coffee and Pearl. Whatever your style, Senceramic® coloured shower trays will enhance any bathroom design and shower experience.