Six bathroom accessories to keep your bathroom organised

From bathroom shelves to a toilet roll holder and towel rail, it’s the small touches that keep your bathroom in order

Having a cluttered bathroom can zap time and energy in the morning, not to mention causing havoc with the sense of calm you want to get from your bathroom space. Choosing the right bathroom accessories and keeping your bathroom clutter free can be simple, creating the restful, easy-to-use space you desire. A well-chosen, and thoughtfully placed accessory, such as bathroom shelves, a toilet roll holder or a handy towel rail, can boost your bathroom’s functionality overnight, making them a bathroom essential.

Fit a new toilet roll holder

(Pictured: Toilet roll holder with shelf in black finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)


A toilet roll holder is one of the simplest, cheapest and most useful bathroom accessories on the market, and is a small update that can make a big difference. Fit a toilet roll holder and you’ll no longer be faced with trying to locate that misplaced roll when you need it most! A toilet roll holder with an integrated shelf is a handy addition, whether you use it to hold a diffuser to keep the room smelling fresh, or as a place to keep your belongings safe while using the bathroom.


Tidy away toothbrushes with a tumbler

(Pictured: Wall-mounted tumbler with chrome finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)


Toothbrushes are some of the most used bathroom tools, crucial to any routine. Yet in many bathrooms they can be found lying on countertops or scattered on shelves. Tumblers keep your toothbrushes and toothpastes clean and accessible while matching stylishly with your bathroom décor. Some tumblers can also be wall-mounted to free up counter space keeping them clean and tidy.



Include a towel rail

(Pictured: Towel rail in black finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)


When you’re in a rush and have nowhere handy to hang damp towels, they have a tendency to pile up on floors or on beds where they will never dry properly. It’s important to have a designated space for towels, such as a towel rail, or, for bathrooms with multiple users, a towel rack may be the best solution.



Organise with a bathroom tray

Drawers are ideal for creating space in bathrooms, and larger items such as towels and bottles are right at home there. However, smaller items, such as makeup and toiletries can rattle around inside and get lost. A bathroom tray is a great idea for holding all of those smaller items in one easy-to-locate place, either inside a vanity unit or placed on show on a countertop or bathroom shelves.


(Pictured: Tray from Roca’s Ona collection in Matt Green finish)

Install bathroom shelves

Shelves are common in all parts of the house and are a simple, yet effective way of providing instant storage – and bathroom shelves are certainly much easier and more cost-effective than building a niche to store shampoo bottles and shower gel. If you’re investing in a new shower then look out for thermostatic mixers that have an integrated shelf to offer you even more organisation. Elsewhere, bathroom shelves can help keep your makeup organised and your skin-care supplies handy. A few screws are all you need to give your bathroom a major boost in functionality.

(Pictured: Shelf with chrome finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)

Don’t forget robe hooks

It’s an oversight many make when it comes to bathroom accessories, but a robe hook placed on the back of the door or within reach of the shower, can make your routine much more comfortable, and will avoid your robe or bath towel being dropped on a damp floor.

In order for a bathroom to be the stress-free space of relaxation it should be, it’s essential that everything is well organised. Simple bathroom accessories such as a toilet roll holder or towel rail, are the answer. Inexpensive to purchase and super easy to install, they add instant functionality without sacrificing style. The right bathroom accessories are the cherry on top of any well-designed bathroom.


(Pictured: Robe hook rail in black finish, from Roca’s Hotels Round collection)