Small vanity units, compact and short-projection toilets: making the most of limited space

Limited space doesn’t mean limited options. Roca caters for small bathrooms across its ranges with innovative, space saving solutions

Small bathrooms demand creativity when it comes to design. Roca has many small vanity units and compact toilet collections that will help you make the most of your bathroom space. In this article we introduce you to some of the most space efficient ranges that, despite their size, are full of character and style.

Compact furniture that makes the most of small spaces

Compact furniture provides all important storage space which is often the biggest hurdle for small bathroom spaces. Roca has many collections that include compact furniture solutions to suit every style and taste.

The Gap

Providing a range of bathroom solutions, The Gap is a comprehensive collection that has plenty of pieces that are perfect for small spaces. The collection features small vanity units with built-in basins, with either two drawers (805 x 380 x 537 mm) or three drawers (805 x 380 x 759mm), available in City Oak, Nordic Ash, Arctic Grey, Anthracite Grey and Gloss White.


As its name suggests, the Mini collection is all about making the most of limited space. The range features a base unit with basin, a mirror, cabinet mirror and furniture hooks. Mirrors will make a small bathroom feel bigger, and a mirror cabinet and furniture hooks can really help with storage requirements. The base unit is perfect for cloakroom bathrooms, measuring just 450 x 250 x 575mm, and is available in Textured Grey, Textured Oak and Gloss White features.

Sol Mirror Cabinet

Available in two variations Sol and Sol Premium, these aluminum mirror cabinets provide ample storage and look fantastic. Sol cabinets come with overhead external lighting and a shaving socket, whilst Sol Premium cabinets have the added bonus of an internal light and demister pads. In their smallest iteration, 400 x 155 x 700mm Sol and Sol Premium are an excellent addition to the smallest of bathrooms.


Small but perfectly formed, Roca’s Dama-N collection caters for small bathrooms in style. The most compact base unit and basin in the Dama-N range measures 340 x 305 x 675mm with a hinged door as is available in Gloss White, Matt Cashmere or Textured Birch.

WCs for small bathrooms

As well as compact furniture, a short projection toilet can really make a difference to the usability and comfort of a small bathroom.


Measuring 370 x 600 x 790mm, the Meridian-N compact back to wall floorstanding WC is a short-projection toilet and an excellent choice for small bathrooms. Its rimless design means that it’s easy to clean and helps save water when it comes to the flushing mechanism.


Another short-projection WC, available in a range of finishes, including conventional White and Gloss White, as well as Coffee and Onyx, the Inspira compact wall-hung WC (370 x 480 x 440mm) helps you make the most of your available space. A wall-hung WC increases the perception of space in the bathroom by leaving the floor unobstructed. (This also helps with cleaning!)


Dama-N is a collection all about functionality. Its close-coupled compact toilet features a rimless design and measures 365 x 600 x 760mm. There are also wall-hung WCs in this range that can be a good choice for a small bathroom as they leave the floor space clear, enhancing a sense of spaciousness.


Roca In-Wash® is packed with innovation and is compact by design, especially in its wall-hung version, making it an excellent choice for small bathrooms which want all that technology has to offer.


Inspira In-Tank® wall-hung and floor standing WCs do away with a cistern – its water tank is integrated into the bowl. With the visual impact of a traditional cistern eliminated, the In-Tank is a great choice for small bathroom spaces and is big on sustainability.


The W+W is a design that helps you save water and optimise space. This striking design consists of a basin and WC, whereby basin water is filtered so that it can be reused in the toilet.