Future-proof your bathroom with smart bathroom tech ideas.

Transforming your bathroom space into a smart, functional design-led room has the potential to enhance our lives. Making your bathroom smarter than ever with new materials, styles and technologies can improve your comfort, well-being and hygiene. Discover our smart toilets, touchless flush plates, bathroom furniture with Bluetooth® speakers which will change the way you enjoy your bathroom forever.

Intelligent smart toilets and touchless flush plates

In-Wash®  ticks all the boxes for a hygienic and easy to use solution in the modern bathroom. Bringing the latest smart technology to your toilet, turning it into the place where comfort and hygiene come together to provide a unique experience. Rediscover the feeling of cleaning yourself with water. There is nothing as intelligent and natural. The In-Wash® smart toilets incorporate the latest smart technology to ensure maximum personal hygiene with water.

If you are looking for touch-free flushing solutions for your WC, the electronic EP1 and EP2 operating flush plates provide the perfect solution. Activated by presence sensors with a simple hand movement, the electronic glass finished operating flush plates also provide a stylish feature to your bathroom.

Anti slip shower trays with exclusive finishes

With colour finishes being on-trend in bathroom design, the new Cratos anti slip vitreous china shower tray is available in 5 exclusive finishes complementing any bathroom style. The unique Senceramic® anti-slip coating ensures safety first for all the family. Strong and highly durable, the Cratos super-slim design provides a seamless integration with the bathroom floor.

Smart furniture units with bluetooth speakers

Make the most of relaxing in your bathroom by listening to your favourite music. Introduce a vanity unit with built-in bluetooth® speakers turning your bathroom into a space of comfort and luxury. The ingenious Stratum-N base unit features practical high-capacity drawers, bluetooth® speakers and internal lighting turning your bathroom into a space of comfort and luxury.