Smart Ideas for a Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Discover the ingenious new Stratum-N furniture unit with Bluetooth® speakers and internal lighting.


Who would have thought that a simple furniture unit could integrate technology into the bathroom and enhance your daily routine? Stratum-N makes it all possible, turning your bathroom into a space of comfort and luxury.

Stratum-N furniture unit with Bluetooth® speakers


Not only does the Stratum-N introduce music to your bathroom, it also makes space dilemmas a thing of the past –  with the high-capacity drawers of this clever furniture unit, there is adequate room to store everything.

Stratum-N furniture unit with internal compartments


Daily bathroom essentials can be easily located thanks to the internal lighting and full extension drawers including handy compartments, whilst valuable items can be stored safely in a concealed drawer. With the Stratum-N, your bathroom becomes a little bit more connected – and a lot more comfortable!

Stratum-N furniture with drawers which can be pulled out completely