Smart toilet: Why a toilet with bidet is the latest must-have

Update your bathroom by installing a toilet with bidet. Hygienic and easy to clean with its rimless toilet design.

These days we’re asking our homes to work harder than ever before, with many of us looking for multi-tasking and space-saving items. Innovations in sanitaryware have leapt ahead in recent years with clever designs transforming the way we use our bathrooms. A toilet with bidet, otherwise referred to as a smart toilet or shower toilet, not only offers enhanced personal hygiene, but optimises space and with a rimless toilet design, becomes a time-saving option that’s quick to clean. Here we explain why a smart toilet is beneficial for every bathroom.


With customisable nozzles, water pressure and air drying features, a smart toilet ensures you are left clean, dry and fresh after using the WC. Plus, with the benefit of not needing toilet paper, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are disposing of less than you would with a standard toilet.


Designed to adapt to the needs of the user, a toilet with bidet is a good choice for the whole family, including older generations and those who are less mobile. Some models offer adaptable nozzles, water pressure and drying options, as well as adjustable temperatures, ensuring every user has a personalised experience that suits their body and requirements.

The In-Wash® WC from Roca has a simple side panel that’s easy to operate, and to adjust any settings you can use the remote control which magnetically attaches to a bracket safely on the wall. The In-Wash® collection has the added benefit of an infrared sensor that senses someone sitting on the seat, meaning its functions will only activate when necessary. Furthermore, with four modes to select from, the integrated LED lights can be turned on for 8 hours, making night-time use easier.

Installing a smart toilet enables the elderly or those with reduced mobility to wash intimate areas independently and without the risk of slipping in a shower. Plus, a wall-hung WC can be installed higher to make it easier for the user to manoeuvre.


When space is at a premium a toilet with bidet offers a 2-in-1 solution, taking up a fraction of the space. Furthermore, In-Wash® with In-Tank provides an all-in-one option, as it integrates the water tank into the bowl of the WC, rather than having a separate cistern.


A rimless toilet has a smooth finish, with no nooks for dirt and bacteria to hide. All Roca In-Wash® WCs incorporate this innovative rimless toilet design, as well as having a removable nozzle tip for cleaning. On top of that, its retractable nozzle even cleans itself before and after each use for optimum hygiene.