As each home is different and each family unique, at Roca we are experts in providing customised solutions for each household. Discover some tips on organization, storage tricks or advice on how to optimize space and you will see how everything finds its place.

Design a family-friendly bathroom
InspirationDesign a family-friendly bathroom
Find the perfect bathroom, safe enough for kids with thermostatic shower mixers and sufficient bathroom storage
Six bathroom accessories to keep your bathroom organised
TipsSix bathroom accessories to keep your bathroom organised
From bathroom shelves to a toilet roll holder and towel rail, it’s the small touches that keep your bathroom in order
Combining safety and design in a family bathroom
TipsCombining safety and design in a family bathroom
How to select the right basin taps, vanity units, mirror cabinets, thermostatic showers and anti-slip shower trays for a safe and enjoyable space.
Compact baths for families
TipsCompact baths that are perfect for families
A reduced size bathtub can still offer maximum comfort.
InspirationThe best kids bathroom ideas and designs
Tips on how to make your bathroom a child-friendly space.
Prisma high-capacity bathroom furniture unit
TipsOrganise your bathroom with Roca’s high-capacity furniture units
We believe that everyone deserves their own personal space in a bathroom.
Prisma furniture by Roca
TipsFind the perfect vanity basin for your bathroom
Making life a bit more organised with the right furniture
Bathroom for families by Roca
With several different tasks taking place in one single space, the challenge is to find a way to make them all coexist in harmony.