The benefits of installing a smart toilet

Why a toilet with bidet will bring more than just increased hygiene to your home.

Once only encountered in bathrooms in parts of Asia and the Middle East, toilets with bidets are now becoming commonplace also in the UK. These toilets feature a range of functions, often with the ability to be customised according to the user’s needs, hence sometimes referred to as ‘smart toilets’. And they are indeed a clever addition to any bathroom; not just for the enhanced hygiene that they offer, but also for being adaptable to all types of families, and increasingly intuitive to use.

In this article, we explore seven reasons for installing a smart toilet in your bathroom, and the benefits a toilet with bidet can bring to your everyday life. We also look at new technologies that are being combined with bidet WCs, such as the rimless toilet functionality, and integrated cisterns.


With a smart toilet, cleaning the most intimate areas of your body can become as quick and hassle-free as a toilet-visit. Toilets with integrated bidets allow you to clean your anal and perianal areas with water, and many models also include a drying function, where hot air gently dries your skin after washing.

With a nozzle that can be adjusted to 5 different positions, Roca’s In-Wash® will thoroughly clean all areas and guarantee full intimate hygiene.


Smart toilets are designed to adapt to the user’s needs; some models feature a multitude of functions (even sound effects!), whereas other designs focus on the importance of hygiene for all types of bodies.

The In-Wash® WC combines adaptability with user-friendliness. With only three buttons, its side panel is simple and intuitive, and allows you to select the basic cleaning and drying functions. And if you want to customise any of the settings, you can use the remote control, which magnetically attaches to a wall bracket. This gives you the options to control the nozzole position, alongside the water pressure and hot air drying function, which both are adjustable to three levels. Furthermore, it also allows you to adjust the water and air temperatures, depending on the user’s preferences.


Not only will all family members find the settings that work for them thanks to the variety of configurations, but a bidet toilet allows for a quick freshen-up during a hectic day. And by opting for a smart toilet with a simple user interface, everyone can learn how to operate the cleaning and drying functions.

Some designs feature additional family-friendly settings: Roca’s smart toilet has an infrared sensor that only activates if it detects any presence on the seat, ensuring that the washing and drying functions only start up when necessary. Another safety and comfort feature are the LED lights, which can be adjusted to stay on for 8 hours and in 4 different modes.


Installing a WC with bidet can also help those with mobility issues, including the elderly. The cleaning and drying functions will make day-to-day washing of intimate areas so much easier, minimising the risk of slips and falls in the shower or bath.


Roca’s In-Wash® is a great example of how a bidet toilet can be both easy to use and easy to clean. Its retractable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use to guarantee maximum hygiene, and when cleaning the bathroom, you can remove the tip of the nozzle and easily detach the seat and the cover from the pan.

Furthermore, all In-Wash® models are rimless toilets, which means they don’t have a conventional rim which you’ll see in most traditional WCs. The inner walls of a rimless toilet are smooth, with no nooks or corners where dirt can build up.


Rather than installing a WC and a separate bidet, a smart toilet offers a 2-in-1 solution which will take up less space. Roca’s In-Wash® is designed to be compact and minimalistic, which means it works well in most bathroom design schemes and it never leaves any cables in sight.

To install a toilet with bidet, you usually only require a conventional power supply and a water outlet, and many designs come in both floorstanding and wall-hung models. There is also a new type of model on the market, where the cistern is integrated within the WC…


The Roca In-Wash® now also comes in a design that features the In-Tank® technology. This bidet toilet is unique, as it integrates the water tank into the bowl of the WC. As it does not require a frame, In-Wash® with In-Tank® increases the installation possibilities of the WC and allows users to save space because, without the cistern, the WC takes up between 9 and 20 cm less space.

The In-Wash® with In-Tank® is also a rimless toilet, in fact it features a ground-breaking Rimless Vortex design, which generates a powerful flush. With a 360° water flow, it provides an optimum flush with the minimum amount of water.