The best kids bathroom ideas and designs

Tips on how to make your bathroom a child-friendly space.

Their arrival changes our lives completely and a young addition to the family can demand that our bathroom adapts too! Your child’s safety is your peace of mind, and using products that help keep them out of harm’s way will allow you to enjoy the experience of growing together all that much more. When renovating a bathroom with children in mind, find out how a children’s WC or a resin shower tray can not only take care of our worries and concerns, but also enhance the fascinating journey which has just begun…

Happening WC

Especially designed for kids, the Happening children’s WC has a compact design that is perfectly proportioned to a child’s size and height, and helps them gain confidence on their journey to autonomy. You can customise the Happening WC for kids with a comfy yellow foam seat, to add a sense of playfulness and fun to their achievements.

Lun Plus bath with handles

Looking to equip a bathroom for children? Choosing baths with handles is choosing maximum safety when it comes to everyday bathroom rituals. Offering you and your little one a helpful hand when it comes to bathtime, the Lun Plus has handles to make this part of the day that little bit more comfortable and enjoyable for the family. The bathtub is made from heavy gauge steel that is enamel coated, which means its very hard wearing and resistant to knocks from bath toys, and will maintain a lasting shine with a glass-like finish.

T-500 thermostatic shower collection

A bathroom idea for when kids start bathing themselves, the thermostatic T-500 brassware  collection instantly provides the temperature you want and avoids sudden water temperature changes. The T-500 series gives kids independence in the shower by eliminating the risk of scalding thanks to Roca’s Security38 technology that prevents water temperature rising above 38℃, and brassware that’s been engineered so that metal parts stay cool on the outside.