The Roca Smart Shower: Intelligent control with Internet of Things

Maximise your showering experience with The Roca Smart Shower. This digital shower is brimming with the latest technology and a range of customisable features with intelligent control.

For many of us, our morning shower is a crucial part of our daily routine, and the quality of our morning shower sets the tone for the day ahead. Imagine rolling out of bed and getting into the shower and not needing to adjust the temperature because it’s already set to your precise preference. With the Roca Smart Shower you don’t need to imagine. With a simple gesture you can modify or stop the water flow to lather up, and then, when you’re ready, continue to enjoy water at the original temperature, with no need for adjustment, and you can set multiple profiles for you and other users. With intelligent control, the Roca Smart Shower really does revolutionise the showering experience – maybe it’s time you made space for one and enjoyed a smart bathroom?



Advanced ultrafine design

The minimalist design of the Smart Shower features a frame 12 mm thick, which means that the control panel has an extremely slim profile. It has a 4.3” LCD colour screen that displays temperature and water flow, that can be changed with precision by a touch of a button, illuminated by integrated lights.

Intuitive use

With rotating dials for precision control, the ergonomic design of the digital shower’s control panel means it’s quick to get to grips with, and can be mastered by elderly users and children alike.

Conceived to let you take control

Its intelligent control system has been conceived to let you take command. The smart shower’s accompanying app means that you can control all functions from your mobile phone, and programme your shower, fill the bath or check your water and energy consumption with ease.

Fully customisable

Everyone has a slightly different opinion when it comes to the perfect shower experience. With this digital shower you can be as specific as you like, and so can the rest of your family! Each of you can create your own profile with precise settings for temperature, flow and duration, to guarantee everyone has their perfect shower, time after time.

Completely safe

Select the child safety mode to temporarily deactivate the control panel and avoid any alterations to flow or temperature, making sure little ones can shower safely. Safety is enhanced by the temperature monitoring system which measures temperature to eliminate any risk of scalding.

Shower and bath… Without waiting

As well as setting the shower to a precise temperature, thanks to the accompanying phone app, you can select your desired temperature and volume remotely, and carry on with what you’re up to until you’re ready to bathe.


Roca’s Smart Shower features an integrated cleaning program that intermittently releases high-pressure from all outlets to remove limescale and impurities from pipes and jets. For thorough cleaning, a 6 minute program releases water at 72°C to purify pipes and remove any trace of bacteria.

And it even helps you save!

Roca’s Smart Shower provides consumption statistics to help you monitor expenses. Its display features a ‘pause’ option so that you can temporarily shut off the water flow and lather up, making sure not a drop of water is wasted. When you’re ready to resume showering, the water flow and temperature will be exactly the same as before – no need to adjust, so no water wasted.

The Roca Smart Shower is an excellent addition to any bathroom. Be in control of your wellbeing by taking advantage of Internet of Things technology, and enjoy maximum comfort, safety and efficiency in your smart bathroom.