Time for a bathroom renovation? Discover 7 trends in bathroom decoration

From wooden vanity units to black taps and bathroom accessories, there are so many ways to revitalise your bathroom.

Bathroom decoration has reinvented itself, combining timeless classics that are never out of fashion with new milestones in technology. While the beauty of natural wood and the classic charm of vintage bathrooms are always present, the latest bathroom trends include much more. We’re seeing black bathroom accessories, geometric patterns and hygiene-led design move to centre-stage. Optimising wellbeing is now of paramount importance when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Read on to discover 7 bathroom trends that enhance wellbeing and showcase innovation.

1. Inspired by nature

It’s a fact: contact with nature is good for us! Biophilic design – design led by human’s innate connection with nature – is a great way to enhance wellbeing, and there are plenty of opportunities to incorporate nature into your bathroom design. Plants and flowers provide warmth and a feeling of comfort, and this is also the case when it comes to using natural materials in the bathroom. You can bring the outdoors in by choosing wooden furniture units like Lander and damp-proof Savana wooden countertops for basins.

2. The Sophistication of Black bathroom accessories

Black is a colour that suggests sophistication and elegance in a bathroom. Why not consider black taps from the Insignia or Naia collections, or the black bathroom accessories in the Tempo range? Of course you don’t need to limit yourself to black accessories – the Beyond collection offers black basins and WCs that will totally transform any bathroom.

3. Adventures in colour

Colour can bring energy and elegance to the bathroom. Thanks to Roca’s Everlux technology, you can opt for Rose Gold brassware, bringing a warm pink glow to your space. But colour can also be brought in to a design scheme through the ceramic elements;  Terran anti-slip shower trays manufactured in STONEX® are available in Slate or Black finishes, along with classic white, and the Cratos showertray, manufactured in Senceramic® is available in finishes including Coffee and Pearl.

4. Experiment with Geometry

Following in the footsteps of Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern, combining linear and curved features in the bathroom can produce great effects. For example the round Iridia mirror with perimeter lighting could be juxtaposed with geometric tiles or the linear Modo bathtub.

5. Smart Technology

21st Century technology has made the bathroom its home. Roca’s Smart Shower, takes connectivity to a whole new level with intelligent control that can be operated by an app on your phone. The Smart Shower is packed with features, including programmable user profiles and consumption statistics to help you monitor your water and energy use.

6. The Charm of the Vintage Aesthetic

The path towards maximum innovation is not at odds with nostalgia. Carmen is a collection full of modern innovation, packaged in a vintage aesthetic. Wooden furniture finishes, classic cross-head star-shaped brassware tap handles, and a freestanding, cast iron bath, remind us of a bygone era. Meanwhile innovations such as Rimless WC technology, enhance the collection’s performance and make it fit for a 21st Century bathroom.

7. Place Hygiene at the Centre

As the Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced, if you seek every comfort that a modern bathroom has to offer, hygiene is something you cannot overlook. The In-Wash® WC with water jet, brings the functionality of the bidet to a traditional WC, enhancing personal hygiene. Glass operating plates that activate the flush of the cistern using presence sensors, along with tap touch sensors, maximise hygiene by limiting contact. Other innovations, such Rimless WCs, or the material SURFEX® which allows joint-free designs, improve bathroom hygiene by eliminating areas for bacteria to build up.