Hear what our customers have to say about the In-Wash® shower toilet

Roca’s WC with bidet is already a reality in the homes of many smart people!

Not too long ago, who would have thought that you could do most of your shopping online or would rely on a mobile phone for support with your daily chores? Definitely the thought of installing a smart WC like the In-Wash® Inspira shower toilet would have sounded somewhat high-tech!

In-Wash® Roca

Today we know that technology and innovation are here to stay – at work, in our homes, on our travels and in the way we socialise. Technology having a positive impact on our lives can also be testified by people who have installed an In-Wash® Inspira in their homes. Easy to use and hygienic, Roca’s shower toilet is much more than just a WC with a water jet or a WC with a bidet, as it is commonly known. It is a pleasant and transformative experience of cleanliness and comfort which has found its place in many homes and is here to stay.

“We had not heard of this type of WCs, but now we’ve tried it, we’re 100% used to the clean and comfortable feeling and couldn’t live without it!”

The In-Wash® Inspira shower toilet features a presence sensor that stops the washing and drying functions when the seat is not in use. Furthermore, its retractable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use, and the water is also filtered before being used.

In-Wash® Roca

"Intimate hygiene with water provides a sense of well-being that is difficult to match”

With the In-Wash® Roca system you have the ability to choose two types of cleaning – front or rear wash – and to regulate both the position of the nozzle and the temperature of the water. A cleaning process that guarantees comfort in a very personal and sensitive part of the body.

In-Wash® Roca

“It is so easy to use!”

The interface of the remote control of In-Wash® Roca is simple and easy to understand. Furthermore, this WC with bidet also features a side panel that allows you to easily control the basic functions, without having to use the remote control at all.

In-Wash® Roca

“Thanks to its lovely design, our new shower toilet fits perfectly with the rest of our bathroom”

With its soft curves, minimal design and simple geometry, it’s a product that easily adapts to any bathroom interior. Furthermore, the water and power supply can be installed behind the WC, eliminating any cables or wires around it.

In-Wash® Roca