Your hygiene is first

Rimless toilets and smart toilet seats, discover innovative and hygienic solutions for your bathroom.

Rimless Technology: Hygienic solutions for every bathroom

Let’s take a look inside a WC where one of Roca’s latest innovations can be found in the form of a new rimless toilet bowl. The Rimless toilet by Roca represents the best in innovative design and new technology. The WC reduces water consumption whilst optimising flush performance, all packaged in a corner-free design that eliminates places for bacteria to accumulate. The design of the bowl sees the removal of the channel where flushed water flows in traditional designs, making it easier to clean. The bowl also features a slight upper ridge that allows water to flow upwards, increasing the area that is cleaned, along with a new water distributor that flushes water around the pan, providing a thorough flush which exceeds European standards.

Multiclean®: Smart, efficient and reliable

Multiclean® offers the fastest, easiest solution in the quest for the ultimate hygienic solution. Compatible with most Roca toilets, Multiclean® is a smart toilet seat that utilises the latest technology to maximise personal hygiene thanks to its cleaning and drying functions that are easily adjusted from the side panel or remote control.