A guide on how to complete a bathroom renovation without breaking the bank

Reduce your renovating bathroom cost by following our useful advice

How much does a new bathroom cost? The answer might surprise you – a bathroom renovation really doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. By only replacing what you need, and reusing or repairing items that are in good working order and still to your taste, you can make significant savings. Careful planning will avoid costly mistakes down the line and if you can manage a lot of the prep work yourself, such as ripping out old furniture, removing tiles, taking away rubble, that will reduce the renovating bathroom cost too. In fact, there are several ways you can complete a bathroom renovation without breaking the bank…

Choose new bathroom accessories

Replacing discoloured or dated accessories for newer versions is an instant way of reviving a tired bathroom. Not only will it smarten up the space, it’s a simple and cost-effective way of adding colour or updating the style of the room if the budget won’t stretch to redecorating or a total bathroom renovation.

Consider buying coloured storage trays or toothbrush holders to keep the basin and vanity unit clutter-free, or replacing tarnished towel hooks for shiny new ones. Fluffy new towels and a coordinating bath mat will help revamp the room as well.

Some wall-mounted accessories, such as towel hooks or toothbrush holders, come with adhesive fixings, so you don’t even have to reach for the tool box – the perfect solution if DIY isn’t your thing or you live in rented accommodation.

(Pictured: Ona collection)

Upgrade mirrors and lighting

Good lighting can quickly change the look and feel of a room and not have much of an impact on a new bathroom cost. Swap light fittings for something more stylish, and choose LED lights for good-quality lighting that enables you to use the bathroom even when it’s dark.

A new mirror will help to reflect light around the room, giving the appearance of a larger space. For a contemporary look, consider hanging an illuminated mirror.

(Pictured: Tenet furniture and basin, Luna ambient mirror with LED perimeter lighting)

Replace brassware

Taps and shower fittings are so frequently used that they can be one of the first areas to look dull, dirty or even work less efficiently. Replace brassware for something fresher, or more contemporary to update the whole room. Buy the best you can afford – cheaper taps and showers can deteriorate more quickly, costing more in the long run if you need to replace them again. Consider a luxurious rain shower, or some matt black basin taps to really modernise your scheme.

While you are changing brassware it’s worth considering swapping to something more eco-friendly, that will save water as well as the pennies. Features such as Cold Start technology, where the boiler doesn’t have to kick in unnecessarily, and tap aerators, which reduce the amount of water used, can be a worthwhile investment.

(Pictured: Cala basin mixer)

Update tiling and add a lick of paint

Grimy grout is a surefire way of making a space look in need of a bathroom renovation. Try out a specialist grout cleaning product as your first form of attack. If it’s beyond help, and you have a steady hand, consider a grout pen to paint over discoloured sections. Otherwise, consider regrouting. Coloured grout is not only on-trend, but won’t discolour in the same way white does, keeping your bathroom looking fresher for longer. While you’re at it, carefully remove grubby silicone with a sharp knife, and replace with new silicone sealant for an instant freshen up.

Replacing tiles is another option, and although it will add to your renovating bathroom cost, it can be done fairly cheaply, depending on the type of tiles you choose. There are some good quality linoleum and vinyl alternatives as well that can potentially be cheaper than tiles, and can be fitted by any keen DIY-er, rather than calling in a professional.

A fresh lick of paint can work wonders, adding new colour or brightening up ceilings and woodwork. Ensure you tackle any mould growth on walls or ceilings with a specialist blocker, before painting over it with a mould-resistant emulsion, suitable for use in bathrooms.

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Keep the same layout and style

Keeping sanitaryware such as the toilet or basin, in the same position will avoid having to move pipework which will require professional tradespeople, instantly driving up the cost of your bathroom renovation. Stick to the same layout and you will cut your renovating bathroom cost considerably. Likewise, choosing a similar style will keep things simple and reduce costs – toilets and showers with concealed pipework behind the wall will require much more plumbing work if you don’t already have that set up.

(Pictured: The Gap)

Whatever the scale of your renovation, there are simple solutions to keep costs down. If there are jobs you are confident you can do yourself, such as some of the prep work, that’s sure to shave some money off the total new bathroom cost. However, it’s important to know the limits of your DIY capabilities, and that DIY can sometimes be a false economy. Hiring a professional can help avoid costly mistakes, and they may even come up with some money-saving solutions you hadn’t considered. Consult with a specialist and always ask for an itemised quote so you can see exactly what you’re paying for. To find a Roca showroom in your area visit the showroom locator.