Bathroom basins for modern bathrooms

Freestanding and coloured basins, original designs and innovative materials; let the basin become the star of your space

At Roca, we pride ourselves on creating authentic shapes that defy the traditional bathroom basins and pedestal, perfect for those wishing to make their bathroom into a unique space filled with personality. New manufacturing techniques and innovative materials with outstanding performance and textures enable the design of exceptional wall-hung and freestanding basins. Available in an elegant colour palette, Roca have a wide selection of coloured basins to choose from, allowing you to create an eye-catching feature that stands out.


As natural as the oval contours of an egg, curved lines evoke a sense of calm. The Brazilian architect Ruy Ohtake pays tribute to this organic shape in a collection of over countertop bathroom basins. Ohtake basins are manufactured in Fineceramic®; a unique material that is 40% lighter and up to 30% more resistant than traditional ceramics, creating walls only 5mm thick. Delicate and sophisticated, the coloured basins in the Ohtake collection offer a wide array of finishes to suit every design and style. Those who seek calmness may opt for the brightness of White, Matt White or Beige, while those in favour of more striking hues can choose from Pearl, Onyx and Coffee.


Freestanding basins and over countertop basins with rounded edges bring a soft contemporary look to bathrooms. The lines of the Beyond collection suit most modern spaces; introducing different materials, finishes, and shapes. The freestanding basins stand out for their unapologetic presence that never fails to make an impact, and the over countertop bathroom basins beautifully highlight the delicate lines of Fineceramic®. Both designs are adaptable to any interior thanks to the wide array of coloured basins available. The Onyx finish, combined with Rose Gold brassware found in the Insignia collection, is the ideal combination for an urban interior with an industrial touch. For a more classical composition, the elegance of the Pearl finish is perfect if you still wish to introduce a hint of colour into the room.


At Roca, we’re constantly researching new materials and textures that allow for unique designs. For a personalised space you can design Modo‘s modern bathroom basins to fit your exact requirements. Made from the exclusive Surfex® formulation of minerals and resins, basins have a delicate, soft matt texture that feels warm and luxurious to the touch. Thanks to the material’s outstanding malleability, it is possible to create wall-hung solutions where you can choose your desired bowl shape; Round, Soft or Square; and the number of bowls required (you can have up to four!). The basin widths range from 580 to 2800mm and can be complemented with an optional towel rail.


Inspired by the simplicity that is found in nature, Roca’s Inspira collection includes basins with pure and delicate lines. These extra slim bathroom basins manufactured in Fineceramic® come in Round, Soft and Square design options, providing plenty of options for over countertop configurations. You can also go a step further in making the basin the focal point: choose one of Inspira’s coloured basins such as the charming coffee finish.

By daring to be unconventional with your choices, the basin area can become the star of your bathroom. Consider different textures, shapes, and colours when deciding on a basin, ensuring it stands out for its design without foregoing extraordinary performance.