Bidet or Smart toilet? Let us help you decide

Our guide to the benefits of having either a bidet or smart toilet

Many of us are familiar with the bidet thanks to holidays abroad in Europe and beyond – they are in fact most common in Asia. However over the past few years they’ve gained in popularity here in the UK and Ireland, perhaps due to the environment and hygiene being at the forefront of people’s minds. Innovations in design now means your choice can even improve your bathroom experience. There are two options when it comes to considering whether to incorporate one into your bathroom – the separate bidet or a toilet and bidet in one, otherwise known as a smart toilet. Here we discuss the benefits of both so you can pick what’s right for you…

What are the benefits?

A bidet or smart toilet are often a popular choice for hygiene reasons leaving you clean, dry and fresh after use, and is particularly useful for the elderly or those with mobility issues. It enables users to wash intimate areas without any risk of slipping in the shower, or having to rely on assistance, providing independence. It can also be a good alternative for those who need frequent visits to the toilet, leaving them sensitive and needing the relief of washing with water rather than dry toilet paper. As well as the health benefits, it’s also more environmentally-friendly as you’ll ultimately be flushing less toilet paper down the drain.

(Inspira collection pictured: In-Wash® with In-Tank)

Why a bidet?

Innovations in style and technology have leapt on in recent years, making them more stylish and compact, and the addition will not spoil your scheme, even if you prefer the look of a matt, or even a coloured finish. Choose from wall hung and back-to-wall designs and complement the rest of your bathroom with matching brassware.

(Ona Collection pictured: back-to-wall bidet with black bidet mixer, and close-coupled WC)

Why a smart toilet?

A smart toilet is way more than just a bidet and toilet in one – although it a great space-saving option if you want a bidet but can’t spare the floor space. You could say that a smart toilet is the latest must-have. If space really is at a premium, then consider a smart toilet with the tank integrated in the bowl thus not requiring a cistern. Some designs offer adaptable nozzles, water pressure and dryers, as well as adjustable temperatures, providing a personalised experience. Some even have integrated LED lights with motion sensors, making that trip to the loo in the dark much less hazardous – a fantastic feature if you have children! Available in back-to-wall and wall-hung designs it won’t look out of place in a contemporary scheme. Rimless designs also make for better hygiene and easy cleaning, with no nooks for germs to hide.

(Inspira collection pictured: In-Wash® with In-Tank)

Is there a more affordable option?

Bidet seats can be retro fitted to an existing toilet – a great option if you don’t want to splash out on a new suite. The seat can be easily installed if you need a short term solution, for example, if someone is less mobile after an operation, or you have an elderly relative staying with you. Some designs allow you to adjust the nozzle position, water pressure, and the temperature of both the water and air, either with a side panel or remote control, giving you the adaptable experience of a more permanent smart toilet.

(Pictured: Multiclean®)