Create your own Scandi-inspired sanctuary with wooden bathroom furniture

Modern bathroom furniture that brings warm Nordic charm into any space

Introducing natural textures and finishes into the bathroom enhances the space by creating a sense of warmth and cosiness. When choosing bathroom furniture inspired by the Nordic style trends we have grown to love, it’s easy to appreciate the organic design details and the warm wood tones that enhance our connection to nature. Injecting some Scandi-style into your bathroom has never been easier and below we present four furniture collections that include wooden bathroom vanity units and countertops for basins to help you find the best solution for your space.


Combining organic shapes, sophisticated lines and luxury, the Beyond collection hones in on the details, bringing you an exclusive bathroom furniture offering to compliment the Beyond basins, WCs and bathtubs. Available in Nordic Ash, the elegant wooden bathroom vanity units are able to fit into many different spaces with widths ranging from 600 to 1000mm and are suitable for over countertop and in countertop basins. This wall-hung bathroom furniture collection allows you to free up floor space, making it easy to clean, and its integrated handle adds a touch of elegance.


The Gap is a very versatile collection providing a wide selection of configuration possibilities, which adapt to the needs of every home. Choose your perfect furniture solution with a large choice of widths from 500 to 1200mm, and various drawer options; two and three drawers or four and six drawer options for bigger units with double basins, to suit your individual storage requirements. If you need to make the most of a small room where space is limited, then The Gap’s compact options should also be considered. Modern, minimalist and functional, The Gap wooden bathroom vanity units in Nordic Ash stand out for many reasons including their sleek integrated handles, and being able to install the furniture with or without feet.


If you wish to maximise the entire space beneath your basin with two extra-large drawers reaching all the way down to the floor, then Lander wooden bathroom vanity units might be the perfect furniture solution for you. With a choice of finishes in textured City Oak and Nordic Ash, you can enhance the ambiance of your bathroom with these warm Nordic-inspired wooden finishes. Available in widths of 600, 800 and 1000mm, this floorstanding solution is stylish and practical giving you a clutter-free bathroom you can relax in.


The Savana collection of countertops for basins is ideal for those who wish to create a feeling of airiness and maximise the feeling of space. In textured City Oak, this wooden countertop is available in widths ranging from 600 to 1400mm. The simple design and elegant lines emulate a stage inspired by nature, allowing the basin to become the centrepiece of the room. When it comes to basins, choose from the organic curves of Ohtake (pictured) to the minimalistic lines of Inspira, with countless other over countertop basin options to choose from.

Easily enhance your connection with nature and create your own Scandi-inspired sanctuary, by simply introducing wooden bathroom vanity units or countertops for basins into your bathroom. But before you decide, it’s important to consider things like how much, and what type of storage you require. Do you want your bathroom furniture to be wall-hung or floor-standing? What style of basin will work best? In countertop or over countertop? With so many different options available you will, without a doubt, be able to create your very own corner of Scandinavia, wherever you desire.