Find the best designer taps for your bathroom

Technology is constantly evolving, allowing us to create new products with better performance and higher energy efficiency.

Here are Roca’s top ideas on how to choose the best designer bathroom taps, whilst maximising the features and benefits found in the market today.


Although the basin is frequently used in the bathroom, we do not always need hot water. Our favourite bathroom taps idea is the new generation of Cold Start brassware, where the default ‘resting’ position of the lever is set to cold. Unlike most mixer taps (with a central lever which can turn either way) the ColdStart design only turns one way so you only choose to heat water if you really want to, rather than doing so without realising. This avoids unnecessary use of the boiler thus eliminating energy waste and the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere, making it a very eco-friendly option.

Roca faucet with Cold Start technology


When washing our hands or brushing our teeth, we don’t always require the full flow of water. Fortunately, the flow limiters integrated into Roca brassware reduce the volume of water used whilst still maintaining the level of comfort required from the water delivered. Designer bathroom taps with built-in water saving!

Lanta faucet for basin with flow limiter


Turn on the tap, and in just seconds you will have the perfect temperature. Roca’s thermostatic brassware has two intelligent controls, one to determine the temperature and another one to regulate the flow, delivering water instantly without exceeding the default temperature of 38ºC unless manually pressing a button and turning the dial to override this and increase the temperature. Thermostatic bathroom taps regulate automatically to maintain a constant temperature of the water flow offering both safety and comfort.

T-2000 Wall-mounted thermostatic shower mixer with shelf

Total safety

Accidents are a thing of the past. Roca thermostatic brassware also feature the Safe Touch technology which minimises overheating of the metal body of the valve, so you can rest assured that no fingers will be burned when touching the bathroom taps!

T-1000 Thermostatic wall-mounted bath-shower mixer with diverter-flow regulator

Integrated design

Whether you’re the type of person who follows trends or you simply wish to redesign your bathroom, you might want to consider built-in brassware or showers. With the innovative RocaBox, the body of the shower is concealed behind the wall, thus reducing the space it occupies, and there are is a choice of styles for the wall mounted plate with the lever providing an elegant and minimal design. Totally on trend.

T-1000 Built-in thermostatic bath-shower mixer with diverter-flow regulator