From digital showers to Smart Toilets, the ultimate bathroom renovation

Revolutionise your bathroom with the latest technologies from Roca. Discover our range of innovative solutions, from LED mirrors and vanity units, to digital showers and Smart Toilets.

You’re likely to have already equipped other rooms in your house with tech-products to make life a little easier, and why should your bathroom be any different? Bringing technology into the bathroom can make your daily personal care routines a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Roca have a wide range of tech products that have been engineered with hygiene, efficiency and lifestyle at their core. As bathroom design continues to evolve, why not welcome Roca’s range of exciting technology-led products into your home – mirrors that light up without touching them, toilets with integrated bidet-function, and vanity units with built-in Bluetooth® speakers.

In-Wash®, the Smart Toilet

In-Wash®, the smart toilet

With a minimalistic design that will suit any style of bathroom, In-Wash® is much more than just a WC with a water jet. Intuitive and easy to get to grips with from the start, the In-Wash® is a state of the art Smart Toilet that comes equipped with remote control and a side panel, so that you can easily adjust water temperature and nozzle position, depending on what type of wash you would like. An extremely hygienic experience in every sense, the removable nozzle cleans itself before and after each use, while water flowing through has undergone a filtration process. The technology behind In-Wash will not only enhance bathroom hygiene, it also brings greater comfort to the user. Its presence sensor prevents activation when it is not being used, and the integrated LED light will guide your way in the middle of the night.

Prisma Comfort lights up without touching it

Prisma Confort lights up without touching it

The Prisma Comfort mirror boosts hygiene levels in modern bathrooms thanks to its motion sensor that means it doesn’t require hand contact to activate the lower light or the demister device. In its rectangular format, this LED mirror is available in 7 sizes – ranging from 600 mm to 1300 mm in width – so it can be incorporated into bathrooms large and small.

Stratum-N, the furniture unit that keeps you connected

For those who love gadgets, let us introduce Stratum-N, the most technologically advanced Roca vanity unit. The Stratum-N base unit with basin includes Bluetooth® speakers and a power socket, and its drawers are equipped with interior lighting to help you locate everything you need. All of these features come without sacrificing any storage capacity. Models range in width from 900 to 1100 mm, or the 1300 mm option if your bathroom is in need of a double basin.

The Smart Shower, daily routines revolutionised

Roca’s Smart Shower truly revolutionises your daily routine. The innovative digital shower offers a unique, customisable showering experience, including programmable shower duration, maximum temperature and flow rates – all of which can be controlled via an app, enabling users to monitor their energy and water consumption.