How to choose the right basin taps for your bathroom

Here are the key things to consider when choosing bathroom taps, including efficiency, durability and style

Whether you want traditional-style basin taps with dual controls, or contemporary single-lever black taps, finding bathroom taps to suit your needs, and your space, is essential to giving your bathroom a seamless finish. Let’s first explore the different types of basin taps there are to choose from, before delving deeper into other practical things you should consider…

Water pressure

Your bathroom taps need to work in harmony with the basin so that they not only complement each other in style, but work together on a practical level. There should be enough reach between the tap and the basin to give ample space, but not so much that it causes splashing – a high tap with a shallow basin would create unwanted spray. Each tap has different suitabilities for water pressure so check out whether they are suitable for low, medium or high pressure to ensure you get the ideal soft flow.

Tap height

Ranges such as Naia have a selection of different height basin mixers to choose from. For compact basins a reduced height mixer is best. Standard height pairs well with wall-hung basins and vanity units, while medium-height mixers are perfect for in-countertop basins. For an on-countertop basin you’ll need a medium-plus or extended height basin mixer.

Handle position

Are the handles on the basin taps comfortable for you to operate? Insignia for instance has its handle on the side, while others have the handle at the front. For people with reduced dexterity a tap such as Victoria Pro, with its specially-designed handle, and option of a swivel spout, will make use much easier.

Cleaning and limescale

Roca’s chrome-plated bathroom taps are easy to keep gleaming thanks to their innovative EverShine coating. Other finishes are available but the water type in your area is worth keeping in mind – matt finishes and black taps look super contemporary but in a hard-water area will require more cleaning to keep water-mark and limescale free.


Smooth body basin mixers, with no unsightly holes behind the body of the tap, make for much easier cleaning when there is nowhere for soapy residue and grime to hide.


Roca ensures all of the brass in their taps is safe for use, without contaminants such as lead which can get into the water supply, also using the safer Chromium III rather than Chromium VI for their chrome plating.

Invest in a tap that will last

Investing in a quality tap can be beneficial for the environment, and for your pocket. Choose a product built with high-quality materials and durable parts, such as ceramic disc cartridges rather than rubber washers, and you’ll have a tap with a longer lifespan. Getting it aesthetically right will ensure you’ll also want to keep your basin taps for longer.

Save water, energy and money

Efficiency is key to saving water and energy. Roca’s Cold Start technology means it will start with a cold flow rather than firing up the boiler unnecessarily. Flow limiters or aerators in taps can reduce water use by up to 50%, simply by adding air to the flow. Many of Roca’s basin taps have this technology including those in the Alfa collection.

Choose style and substance

After considering all of the practical and environmental factors, the most enjoyable bit should be choosing the style! Consider the basin you have so that the taps complement the design, choosing taps that continue the shape and feel of the basin, and the rest of the bathroom, whether that’s angular like Cala or rounded like Loft.


Taps such as Carmen suit traditional style bathrooms. If minimalism is more your thing perhaps black taps will give the contemporary finish you’re after. Ona, Insignia and Naia all have the option of a splash of colour with their Rose Gold, Titanium Black and Matt Black finishes. Everlux uses physical vapour deposition (PVD), a non-chemical process for coloured taps which is exceptionally durable, giving bathroom taps a greater lifespan.


Now you know what to consider, finding the perfect tap should be a breeze and will hopefully take pride of place in your bathroom for years to come.