Modern freestanding baths: Choosing a tub-full of personality

We don’t believe in compromise. With Roca baths you can have it all: comfort, aesthetics, functionality and style.

There’s no denying it – installing a modern freestanding bath is much more than simply choosing a bathroom piece. It will be the centrepiece! A freestanding bathtub boldly designates a space devoted to comfort and wellbeing, and oozes personality. In this article we’ll introduce you to some favourite modern freestanding baths, ranging from innovative compact baths to classic designs.

Carmen and Eliptico, two tributes to the classic bath with feet

With Carmen, every detail recalls a bygone era. Its asymmetrical, vintage design, measuring 1600 x 800 x 626 mm, features fully exposed chrome brassware and a side that extends upwards, just like a traditional slipper bath, enhancing the eye-catching body of the bathtub as well as providing comfort through offering head support – a nod to 19th century tub designs.

Another iconic design standing on classic ball-and-claw feet, Roca’s Eliptico offers a choice of colour and detailing. Fully manufactured in cast iron and measuring 1700 x 850 x 420 mm, you can choose this Roca bath with a White, Bordeaux, Blue Marine, Black, Aged Copper or Grey outer finish.

Maui and Kauai, freestanding baths straddling two worlds

A contemporary take on the traditional shapes of vintage bathtubs, Maui and Kauai are compact baths that unite the past and the present. Maintaining the grandeur associated with traditional design and adding a splash of modernity, both of these Roca baths are manufactured in Stonex®, a material that is made with a mixture of resins and boasts high antislip properties thanks to its textured surface.

Maui is available in two versions: round and square. Maui Round is oval in shape, measuring 1500 x 700 x 660 mm, with one extended rim to provide head support. Maui Square, with dimensions of 1550 x 700 x 630 mm, features squarer lines and a fully symmetrical design. The curved shape of the Kauai is reminiscent of a pebble, which makes it a great choice if you’re after a centrepiece for your bathroom. Measuring 1600 x 750 mm, Kauai is compact in size, but larger than life when it comes to personality!

Virginia, an oval bath with a contemporary soul

Virginia is perhaps the most urban of all Roca’s modern freestanding baths. It’s made of a single acrylic piece that’s warm to the touch, and its seamless design makes it highly durable. Measuring 1700 x 800 x 560 mm, its subtle lines and curved shape provides enough room for Virginia to accommodate two bathers comfortably.