Ohtake coloured basins: pushing the design of modern basins to the brim

Inspired by nature, Ohtake over countertop basins bring personality and design flare to any modern bathroom.

Nature has long been a primary inspiration for design. In the twentieth century, Modernism and Art Deco referenced organic forms when designing furniture and buildings, and biomimicry – nature inspired innovation – continues to be a goldmine for designers working today. One such designer, architect Ruy Ohtake, has created an over countertop basin for Roca that sets new standards, with curved and organically inspired shapes. A collection with an aesthetic that’s delicate yet striking, Ohtake is a stunning example of pushing the boundaries of modern bathroom design.

Winner of the Red Dot Best of Best in 2019, the Ohtake collection showcases the incredible properties and performance of Fineceramic®, a 100% porcelain material that makes it possible to produce modern basins that are 40% lighter and 30% more resistant. With a thickness of just 5mm, the walls of the Ohtake basin are fine and delicate to the touch, yet guarantee high resistance and durability. Its inner surfaces are free of any imperfections – the walls are completely smooth and seamless – which prevents any build up of dirt, as well making the basin easy to clean.

Versatility is another quality of the Ohtake over countertop basin, making it an excellent addition for virtually any bathroom space. Available in six colours, ranging from White to Onyx, Ohtake coloured basins offer interior designers and DIY-ers a range of options. If you opt for Pearl, Onyx or Coffee, you create a bold contrast with traditionally coloured furniture. Alternatively, choose Ohtake in its more conventional colours – White, Matt White and Beige – to highlight a bathroom’s spaciousness and general sense of purity.

Tough and elegant, dynamic and smooth, Ohtake modern basins allow you to express your personality with colour and form. Over countertop basins full of charisma, Ohtake coloured basins will elevate any bathroom into a space of tranquility with groundbreaking design.