Reconnect with nature by choosing a green bathroom

Use the power of colour to create a serene green bathroom using bathroom furniture, vanity units and bathroom storage

Colour plays an important role when it comes to choosing vanity units, bathroom storage and other bathroom furniture. No longer are bathrooms plain white and clinical – colour is now a major player when it comes to modern bathrooms, as is our desire to create a sense of wellbeing in our homes. A green bathroom is the perfect example of this, harnessing the power of nature to make us feel connected to the outdoors, calm and soothed. Green works so well in a bathroom as it feels neither too cool or too warm, creating a sense of balance and tranquillity.


There are many ways to create a green bathroom, whether you want to use bold emerald green, love spa-like sage shades or prefer something more Mediterranean inspired to refresh your space. You might want to rejuvenate the bathroom with vibrant green tiles, or add fresh green accents to a neutral backdrop. Consider the light you have in your bathroom. A room filled with natural light can take a deeper green, while a room lacking in natural light might benefit from a lighter shade if you want a fresh look. If dark and moody is what you’re after then consider clever lighting solutions, such as mirrors with lights, to ensure you achieve the look you want but still create a practical, functional space.


Here we take a look at ways to incorporate green to bring us closer to nature, for a space that benefits our health and wellbeing and creates a Med-style scheme

Combine green with earthy tones

When it comes to choosing colours to team with a green bathroom, think about what works well in nature. Olive green hues combine well with earthy shades such as taupe and stone. Start with a green-hued focal point – look at green vanity units, or other key pieces of bathroom furniture or bathroom storage. Then choose materials with a tactile feel, like glazed zellige tiles with a rustic handmade finish and textured flooring such as terrazzo, creating a sensory experience underfoot. Add natural finishing touches such as sisal or seagrass accessories, woven baskets and lush green plants.


(Ona Collection pictured: Two drawer base unit, over countertop Fineceramic® basin, black basin mixer, Luna round mirror)

Choose clean and simple storage for a sense of wellbeing

Green bathroom furniture is a great way of adding colour to the walls in a subtle way, while the colour choice brings in a hint of the outdoors, reconnecting us with nature for an enormous sense of wellbeing and a feeling of being grounded. The saying ‘Clear the clutter to clear your mind’, is absolutely true, and is crucially important to creating a sense of calm in the bathroom. Clutter is a surefire way to ruin the vibe, so invest in functional bathroom storage to corral all of your bathroom essentials. Vanity units and slimline, wall-hung bathroom storage are fantastic for those everyday items you need to keep to hand. Choose green vanity units and bathroom furniture that are sufficient to hold all of your belongings and can be organised in a way that makes it quick and easy to locate what you need. Keeping things clean, simple and well-organised not only creates the ideal space for you to physically relax in, but also creates a sense of balance which is essential for mental wellbeing.


(Delta Collection pictured: Wall-hung auxiliary unit in Matt Green)

Pick materials with a natural look and feel

Matt finishes are a popular choice when it comes to bathroom furniture, as well as for basins, baths and brassware. Not only does a matt finish look on-trend, but it feels pebble smooth to touch, as well as being available a variety of nature-inspired colours like green, or other neutral colours that blend in well with green tones. Matt black brassware teams well with a green bathroom, giving it a contemporary edge, while matt neutral tones such as taupe or off-white work well with earthy Med-inspired greens.


(Ona Collection pictured: over countertop Fineceramic® basin, black basin mixer)

Add green bathroom accessories

If you’ve picked green vanity units or bathroom furniture for your green bathroom, ensure you extend the colour by adding green accessories. Soap dispensers and tumblers are great for adding a splash of colour to a white basin. Ensure the area around the basin is kept clutter-free by storing essential soap dispensers, dishes and tumblers on a tray. By keeping everything in the one place you can easily find what you need for a stress-free morning routine, and they can quickly be moved aside for easy cleaning.


(Ona Collection pictured: Accessories)

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