Take a dip in luxury with a cast iron bath

If you’re someone that believes wellbeing is synonymous with taking a nice long bath, then it’s time you experienced Roca’s freestanding and built-in cast iron baths, combining style, durability and luxury.

Elegance and tradition with a tried and tested design; freestanding cast iron baths are icons of luxury bathrooms from years gone by. Roca’s range of cast iron baths feature classic and modern designs to suit any bathroom and delight any bather. Whether freestanding or built-in, coloured or pure white, Roca’s collections reaffirm cast iron baths as a centrepiece fit for 21st Century bathrooms.

Noble materials and handcrafted tradition join forces for outstanding capabilities. As a result of their special material composition, cast iron baths have a particularly high thermal isolation capacity, enabling water temperature to be maintained for longer, thereby saving water and energy as topping up is not required. Cast iron tubs are also able to absorb soundwaves, so they work as a sound insulator too, quieting the sounds of splashes as the bath fills and making your soak even more relaxing. Whatsmore, the materiality of cast iron baths means that it is resistant to shocks, wear and tear. Combined with Roca’s exclusive glaze, cast iron baths are extremely hard wearing; their shine remains despite the UV rays and chemical abrasives it comes into contact with over the passage of time.