How modern bathroom taps can transform your bathroom space

Make a big bathroom design statement with black basin taps

Sometimes the smallest household fixtures are the most important – and, though often overlooked, modern bathroom taps are in reality one of the most essential and frequently used elements in the home. Upgrading from a basic tap to taps with aerators, or to one that suits your personal style, such as black basin taps, is a simple update we can all make. For a relatively low cost and effort, you can make a major functional and design improvement in your space. As well as updating the aesthetic, taps with aerators or water saving taps can literally save unnecessary water, and money going down the drain!

These days, brassware comes in a wide range of styles, sizes, heights and finishes, including black basin taps and water saving taps. Here we recap some of the top trends in styles and technology to help you choose the perfect pairing for your home.

Modern bathroom taps

Modern bathroom taps can single handedly bring a dated space into the present. Noted for their sleek, minimalist designs, the latest generation of modern bathroom taps has been crafted with functionality in mind and have the versatility to integrate seamlessly into a variety of environments. They tend to be highly customisable, allowing your personal decorative style to show through, whether you are coveting on-trend black basin taps, or having water saving taps is your priority.

(Pictured: Smooth body basin mixer in matt black from Roca’s Cala collection)

Charismatic colour

Finishes can make all the difference with brassware. Eye-catching yet neutral tones such as white and black basin taps are increasingly popular choices as alternatives to the traditional chrome which stand in alluring contrast with the basin or countertop. PVD coatings offer a stylish look which is both more durable and more eco-friendly than traditional coating methods. Everlux is another finish which uses modern technology to offer a high-quality, uniform coating, making the surface more resistant and ensuring that the colour remains unaltered over time. So either play it cool with an understated polished silver tap, or choose colour to punctuate your space with a striking matt or glossy finish.

(Pictured: Roca’s Ona basin mixer in chrome, matt black, titanium black and rose gold)

Eco-friendly efficiency

Changes in something as small as modern bathroom taps can make a big difference in the fight against climate change, and the latest water saving taps incorporate a number of design changes to that end. For instance, whereas most taps open somewhere between hot and cold, taps that utilise Cold Start technology automatically open cold and must be specifically instructed to activate heat, preventing the boiler from triggering and releasing unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere. Small changes such as these add up, saving water and energy over the long term. Taps with aerators save on water (and water bills) without altering the feel of the water flow in any way.

(Pictured: Single-lever smooth body basin mixer with Cold Start, from Roca’s Cala collection)