Tips on matching basin taps with your basin

How to pick the right basin taps so you get a match that not only looks great, but is also practical to use

Whether you want on-trend black bathroom taps to match a contemporary design scheme, or wall mounted taps for a countertop basin, there are a few factors you need to consider before choosing new basin taps, including style, colour and functionality. Cold Start technology from Roca stops the boiler from kicking in unnecessarily – a great choice for young families whilst also helping to save energy. Some taps such as Cala have aerators and flow limiters which help with softening the flow of water and reducing water consumption without compromising on the feeling of pressure. On top of this you’ll want to pick a style and colour you’re going to love, and that works harmoniously with the basin, so there’s plenty to think about. Here’s some inspiration to get you started…

Bijou basins

If you’re looking to pair basin taps with a small basin for a cloakroom then you’ll need to consider the height of the tap due to the shorter projection. Pick a tap that’s too high and it’ll cause splashing. Too low and it’ll restrict space to wash your hands. Think about the handle position – will you be able to open the tap freely against the wall? Some basin designs have the tap to the side, as pictured above with Ona’s black bathroom taps. This could be the perfect solution, but look into the tap specifications and dimensions as some basin taps are not suitable for a basin with the taphole positioned to the side.


(Pictured above left to right: 450x260mm Ona basin with Ona tap; 400x360mm with Ona tap)

Countertop basins & wall mounted taps

Options for countertop basins include wall mounted taps. You might like black bathroom taps teamed with a modern round on countertop basin, like the Ona wall mounted taps for an urban style, or the more traditional cross head handle wall mounted taps from Loft. Check that the basin taps you choose are a suitable length to be positioned correctly above the basin – if the water hits the sink at the wrong angle it could cause splashing.

Countertop basins & deck mounted taps

The other choice when it comes to countertop basins is a deck mounted mixer. Depending on the height and design of the basin and whether it is positioned on countertop or in countertop, you may need an extended height or medium height mixer to reach over the side of the basin and allow enough space to wash your hands.


(Pictured above left to right: L90 extended height basin mixer with the Ohtake on countertop basin; Naia extended height basin tap with The Gap Square on countertop basin; Naia extended height basin tap with The Gap Round on countertop basin)

Wall-hung basins with a central tap

Basins that are wall hung are a popular design choice, and often come with 1 tap hole ready for a tap. You can still achieve a modern look with many of Roca’s brassware collections, such as Ona, having black bathroom taps, along with other colourways, amongst their range. Wall hung basins usually have a single centrally positioned taphole as pictured. When making your choice consider the spout on the basin taps, the depth of the basin and the tap height, again making sure there’s a good amount of space that is neither too high or too low.


(Pictured above left to right: Ona basin mixer with Ona wall hung basin; Cala single lever basin mixer with smooth body; Ona basin mixer)

Statement taps and basin

You can make a statement by choosing something a little different, such as black bathroom taps from the Insignia collection, with its lateral handle, teamed with the curvaceous Beyond on countertop basin, pictured above. Alternatively, wow with contemporary Rose Gold taps from the mediterranean inspired Ona collection. When finding a match that works just for you, the most important thing to do is to have fun and think outside the box if you want to get a look that stands out.