How to pick the best showering options for you

Here’s our guide to everything from shower mixers to a Smart Shower

There are several options when it comes to shower controls with different designs and product features to consider. Perhaps you’re looking at thermostatic shower mixers or bath shower mixer taps. Or maybe you are after an innovative Smart Shower or a sensory rain shower. Whatever your needs, here’s how to create your optimal showering experience.

What’s the difference between manual and thermostatic shower mixers?

Manual shower or bath shower mixer taps combine hot and cold water to get to temperature, but are unable to maintain it consistently, unlike thermostatic shower mixers which instantly react to changes in temperature and adjust it accordingly. Thermostatic shower mixers such as the wide selection of T-1000 mixers, or the stylish Insignia or Naia, are an ideal choice for families with children or the elderly, as they prevent sudden changes in temperature, reducing the risk of scalding, or the shock of freezing cold water.

Do you need a 1, 2 or 3-way mixer?

Consider how many water outlets you’ll need. If you are keeping it simple with just a ceiling or wall-hung overhead shower then you will just need a 1-way mixer. Or do you need a 2-way mixer with dual outlets, for an overhead shower and handheld shower head? You might fancy adding massage jets to the two shower heads, in which case you would need a 3-way mixer.

Consider the latest innovations

Roca’s Smart Shower is a practical option for busy households, eager to get going in the morning, as well as those hoping to shave a little off their energy bills. The Smart Shower will not only preheat your shower to the perfect temperature but will regulate it, modify the flow and pause and resume at the touch of a button when it’s time to lather.

What about stylish touches?

Coloured brassware is the latest trend, allowing you to choose something that’s eye-catching as well as functional. The Ona Collection of built-in and wall mounted bath shower mixer taps are not only available in a high-shine chrome and Rose Gold, but also in super stylish Matt and Titanium Black options – perfect for adding a contemporary finish to your new bathroom.

How about a little luxury?

A rain shower head like Rainsense with its large, soft droplets will create a sensory experience as you wash. Mounted from either the wall or ceiling, a rain shower is not only a great option for your wellbeing, but also for families with young children.

Relax and reap the benefits of hydromassage

Get the ultimate wellbeing fix from your shower by incorporating hydromassage jets. A hydromassage column has powerful jets that target the neck and lumbar regions, soothing sore muscles. Or create your own bespoke experience with Puzzle swivel massage jets that can be positioned exactly where you want for a customised showering experience.