Inject colour into your bathroom with freestanding baths

Coloured baths to give your bathroom a colour boost

Creating your dream bathroom with your perfect bathtub, is not only about deciding between the large, freestanding or small baths anymore – colour is also something to consider. Emerging as a popular trend over the last couple of years, coloured baths have made somewhat of a comeback. They fell out of favour years back but what’s different this time is that we’re not talking about avocado suites with fully coordinated bathroom schemes. Instead coloured baths have taken on a new role and that is to make a statement. To create a contrast that complements your scheme rather than matching it.

So what are your options when it comes to coloured baths and why should you choose one? A coloured bath can make a design statement, it’s contemporary, feels luxurious and it’s an update on the norm. A softly-coloured neutral bath is easy to work with, less clinical and warmer than white. It will create a light and airy feel but also a subtle connection to nature. A darker colour will create a contrast and is actually just as easy to incorporate as a light colour. Don’t be mistaken into thinking that you can’t use a dark bath in a small room – it will actually create a sense of depth and the illusion of a larger space. In fact some freestanding baths are up to 200mm smaller than a standard bath so don’t rule it out.

Create the centrepiece of your dreams

(Pictured: Ariane Stonex® bath in Onyx, Loft floorstanding bath shower mixer)

While freestanding baths are still eye-catching in white, an injection of colour will further enhance this and add to your scheme. Coloured baths are available in a multitude of colours so choose something to match your personality, that you will love to look at and take a long soak in. Placed centrally a centrepiece bath will be the focus point of the room and draw the eye as soon as you enter the room.

Getting back to nature

(Pictured: Beyond Surfex® bath, Onyx, L90 floorstanding bath shower mixer)

Nature is set to be a key trend for bathrooms in 2023 and choosing a freestanding bath in a colour that complements those green and earthy tones is a great way to get the look. Team dark coloured baths with green walls, natural stone shades and plenty of foliage. Choose materials inspired by nature, such as Surfex®, a composite material made from minerals and resin that has a naturally smooth texture and warm feel.

Choose organic shapes

(Pictured: Kauai Stonex® bath in Onyx, L90 floorstanding bath shower mixer)

With an integrated bath you are limited in what you can choose, but with freestanding baths there are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose including beautifully sculpted designs and organic curved shapes that are a joy to relax in and create a spa-like feel. Having such a variety of shapes also means you can find small baths to fit into your space.

Small baths

(Pictured: Maui Stonex® 1500x700mm bath in Beige, L90 floorstanding bath shower mixer)

There’s no need to give up on the idea of freestanding baths even if space is at a premium in your bathroom. Small baths are available in freestanding designs, and with the option of having a coloured finish. Small baths might be more compact but are still just as luxurious and comfortable to soak in as their larger counterparts.

Eye-catching monochrome

(Pictured: Raina Stonex® bath in Onyx, Loft floorstanding bath shower mixer)

Anthracite and graphite tones have been making their way into your bathrooms for the last few years and are still growing in popularity. Matt black taps and black framed shower enclosures are already creating a contrast to white bathroom schemes, and a black coloured bath will make even more of an impact. A black bath will look at home with many colour schemes, but is always the perfect partner to white for a classic monochrome look.