A guide to bathroom cabinets and vanity units

Everything in its place: all you need to know about bathroom storage

At Roca, we have helped people design functional and beautiful bathroom spaces for over one hundred years, and if you ask us, we believe that a tidy home starts with a tidy bathroom. We know the importance of storage, of finding the perfect space for everything. And it’s not just about choosing the design you like the most; you also need to consider how many people are using the bathroom, and the needs of everyone’s daily routines – it can easily get confusing! In this extensive guide to bathroom cabinets, we present a range of our vanity units and storage solutions, to help you create the perfect bathroom.


Firstly, let’s take a look at some terminology when it comes to bathroom cabinets. There are so many different types of units available; vanity units, tall bathroom cabinets, countertops for basins, and bathroom mirror cabinets, to name a few. Read on to learn all about the different types available and how they can fit into different kinds of bathrooms.

Vanity units

Vanity units are often seen as the most important unit, defining the style of the bathroom and allowing users to make the most of available space under the basin.


From simple cabinets allowing you to store a few selected objects, to large multi-drawer configurations, vanity units come in many shapes and sizes. Furthermore, you can always complement the unit with optional elements such as a towel rail and, depending on the model you choose, you can also have the option of deciding the position of the basin: in the middle or at one of the ends of the countertop.


If you prefer the basin to take up the entire upper surface, you should opt for one of our Unik base units. This type of configuration is made up of a base unit and a fully integrated basin. Some of the Roca collections and models that offer this type of design are Beyond, Carmen, Inspira and The Gap; all with their own distinctive style.


If you like a basin that stands out and becomes a focal point of your bathroom, the perfect option is a vanity unit for an over countertop basin. Whether you choose a round, square or oval basin, it will add interest and style to the space.


Another option is to choose an in countertop basin. Here the basin does not protrude as much, just a few centimeters above the countertop, as it is partly sunk into the storage unit below. Roca offers several options for vanity units with in countertop basins; both in traditional vitreous china and in Fineceramic, a new type of ceramic material – featured in for example the Beyond and Inspira collections.


Even if you have a small bathroom, you can still utilise the space under the basin for storage. There are plenty of compact vanity unit designs available, such as the Mini collection. With widths as compact as 450 mm, these cabinets fit perfectly into tight spaces and allow you to increase your storage capacity even in the most compact bathrooms. Furthermore, The Gap range also offers compact storage solutions, where the depth has been reduced from 460 mm to 380 mm; perfect for small and awkward spaces.


On the other hand, if you have enough space and you need your bathroom to perfectly adapt to a large family, collections such as Beyond, Victoria-N, Prisma, and The Gap allow you to choose two-basin configurations to provide space for everyone.

Countertops for basins

Countertops are a light and modern alternative, ideal if you’re looking to create a feeling of openness and if you have your storage needs covered elsewhere. As with bathroom vanities, with this option you can choose how you want the basin to be installed (in countertop, over countertop or under countertop), and you can also decide its position on the countertop.

The Savana wooden countertops for basins are available in Gloss White or Textured City Oak, and can be combined with up to 10 collections of Roca basins. It also offers the option of installing a towel rail to optimize space.

Tall bathroom cabinets

Sometimes referred to as auxiliary units, or column units, tall bathroom cabinets increase storage capacity of your space and make the most of every corner of the bathroom. These vertical cupboards are an ideal addition when the vanity unit has become too small for your family’s needs, and they can also be the main storage system if you have chosen a countertop for your basin, or a wall hung basin solution.

Some tall bathroom cabinets (for example in the Inspira and Beyond collections) include additional features such as lighting or an internal mirror.

Open bathroom cabinets

You may like the look of an open bathroom cabinet, which lets you store everything in full view whilst retaining a sense of openness. And if you’re choosing between an open cabinet and a vanity unit with doors or drawers, take a look at this article, exploring the benefits of both.

Open cabinets often feature an integrated towel rail, and come in many different styles. On the more classic side, Carmen, Roca’s vintage collection, features a metallic stainless steel structure with two front legs and a glass shelf. If you prefer a more contemporary look, the Prisma collection also includes an open storage solution, available in two different sizes.

Bathroom mirror cabinets

Sometimes overlooked, bathroom mirror cabinets are a very practical addition to most bathrooms. They increase the storage capacity of small spaces and can even work as the main furniture unit if space is very limited. Equipped with height-adjustable shelves, Roca’s mirrors with storage are the ideal solution to keep your everyday essentials close to hand.

With a compact spirit, the Mini collection has a bathroom mirror cabinet with a width of 450 mm, perfect for small bathrooms and cloakrooms. Another option is the Luna mirror collection, with cabinets in three dimensions: 500, 400 and 200 mm wide. The bathroom mirror cabinets in this modular range can be combined with an open shelf unit, and the 200 mm unit comes with an integrated magnifying mirror.


The style of your bathroom space often reflects your personal tastes and the look of the rest of your house, and therefore, we develop collections in different styles; contemporary, industrial, minimal, and traditional – read on to explore them all.

Traditional bathroom cabinets

Whether you live in an old house, or just prefer a classical look in your home, a vintage style bathroom never goes out of fashion. Traditional bathroom cabinets allow you to combine classic design with the latest technology and materials.

The Carmen collection is an example of how the classic style of a bathroom vanity can be combined with state-of-the-art features. In a white or black version, the collection’s many different traditional bathroom cabinet options bring together details such as a veined marble countertop, solid wood, and soft-close drawers.

Modern bathroom cabinets

Storage units in cutting-edge materials and contemporary design will help you create a beautiful yet practical modern bathroom. The Beyond collection includes a large cabinet with a width of up to 1600 mm and a depth of 500 mm, ideal for bathrooms where storage capacity needs to be maximised.

The Beyond bathroom cabinets can be combined with two types of basins; either manufactured in Fineceramic® or Surfex®, giving you plenty of choice when it comes to shapes and configurations. Fineceramic® basins are delicate yet incredibly strong, with a thickness of only 5 mm. Surfex® is a compound of minerals and resins that enables the creation of unique joint-free surfaces, which are smooth and warm to the touch.

Industrial bathroom cabinets

Utilitarian design, combined with robust materials such as metal and wood, will bring an industrial look to your bathroom. This is the case of Domi, a cabinet range featuring matt black hardware and optional legs, as well as an optional towel rail. Available in widths ranging from 600 to 1000 mm, these furniture units provide ample storage space for your items, and give you several configuration options, such as the location of the basin and drawer and door combinations.

Minimalistic bathroom cabinets

Focusing on the essential, with clean and open spaces, is perhaps what minimalism is all about. Inspira is Roca’s collection of minimalistic bathroom cabinets. The collection’s storage units feature clean shapes, and come in multiple possibilities and finishes – Gloss White, Textured City Oak and City Oak with a Dark Mirror front. For more design choice, the Inspira vanity units let you choose from three Fineceramic® basin models; Round, Soft (with soft angles) and Square, as well as 6 ceramic colours, so that you can subtly highlight your style and personality.

Natural materials

Nature-inspired materials and finishes are timeless, and bring a sense of calm to your bathroom. With its wooden finishes, the Lander collection of vanity units lets you introduce a beautiful Oak or Ash finish into your space, together with maximum storage capacity, as its drawers are larger than usual.


When deciding on storage units for your bathroom, it’s important to consider how the space will be used from morning until evening, and the many different needs of all of the users. Here we unpick some common needs, to help you find the cabinet best suited for you and your family.

Maximising storage

If your bathroom caters to a large family, or if your family is growing, you need to allow for high demands in terms of storage and order. The Victoria-N range features a bathroom cabinet with great storage capacity, available with 6 drawers and a length of 1200 mm. Resistant to even the most intensive wear and tear, Victoria-N features soft-close drawers that prevent any impacts when opening and closing them. Moreover, it allows the installation of an optional side towel rail, a very practical alternative (or addition) to wall hooks.

Keeping things tidy

If you prefer to keep your home uncluttered, you should consider bathroom cabinets with different types of storage options; for small toiletries as well as bulkier towels. The furniture units of the Prisma collection are a great option, featuring internal dividers that can adapt to your storage needs. The units also feature a concealed drawer, allowing you to keep the smallest objects tidied and out of sight.

Customised storage

Although a bathroom cabinet is always practical, The Gap collection offers the most options in terms of finding the perfect solution for your own storage needs. Thanks to different combinations of drawers and drawers with side doors, the Gap’s storage options are extensive, and so are its finishes: Gloss White, Textured City Oak, Nordic Ash, Arctic Grey and Anthracite Grey. Available with Unik installation or with different The Gap vanity basins, this furniture collection also features clever details such as its finger-pull handle.


How a bathroom cabinet is installed can make a great difference to a bathroom; it can give a sense of increased space and make the flow of the room better. As the type of installation will affect the overall layout of the space, it can also have a knock-on effect on your selection of other bathroom pieces. Here we take a look at some common installation options.

Wall-hung bathroom cabinets

Perhaps the most common type of installation, wall-hung cabinets free up space on the floor and allow for greater freedom of movement. This option will also make cleaning easier and generate a feeling of spaciousness that is ideal for small or guest bathrooms.

Floorstanding bathroom cabinets

As they often have a lower base, floorstanding bathroom vanity units provide a compact feeling and prevent dirt from building up below them. In this category, the Lander bathroom cabinet is manufactured in water-repellent wood that prevents water from penetrating, avoiding any dampness.


When we talk about functionality in bathroom cabinets, it’s not just the size and quality that matters, but also details such as how easy the drawers are to open and close, and how quickly you can find your items inside the unit. In the last section of our storage guide, we take a look at some details that will make all the difference.

Soft close

In bathroom vanities, the soft close system allows drawers to silently return to their position, avoiding any impacts when closing. Because of this, the furniture unit will last longer regardless of the frequency or intensity of use, and you don’t have to worry about any trapped fingers!

Compartments in different sizes

Because a hair brush doesn’t take up the same space as a towel, the drawers of a bathroom cabinet shouldn’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution. The internal compartments of drawers ideally need to have different dimensions so you can find the best place for all of your bathroom essentials.

Concealed drawers

Concealed drawers are usually integrated within another drawer, allowing you to store small valuable objects that you do not wish to leave in sight. The Prisma bathroom cabinet features this practical complement.

Space-saving siphon

Many collections of Roca bathroom cabinets include this special right-angle siphon that saves space and allows for greater storage capacity. With this system it is not necessary to leave a cut out in the top drawer for any pipework, which means that the inside of the furniture unit can be used solely for storage.

Side or front towel rail

We’ve already mentioned towel rails a few times throughout this guide, but it’s worth highlighting again, as it is such a practical option. Not only does it help you avoid drilling hooks into the wall, it also frees up space on the wall, which gives a sense of openness.

Reduced depth

If you are renovating a small bathroom, you might find it easier to fit in a bathroom cabinet with reduced depth. The Mini and The Gap collections all feature options of reduced depth, allowing you to include storage into a compact scheme.

As you can see, an everyday object such as a bathroom cabinet can be reinvented and improved a multitude of times. At Roca, we know that bathroom storage is an important element in our daily lives, and that’s why we keep innovating to meet every need.