10 essential terms to know when looking for a new toilet

From close-coupled WCs to soft-close seats, here are Roca’s 10 key pieces of terminology to help you find the perfect toilet for your bathroom.

With so many different WCs out there, it can be difficult to know where to start when choosing a WC for your bathroom. In this article we explain key terminology and go through different product types and highlight their benefits. We’ll look at everything from back to wall toilets, to toilets with bidets, close-coupled WCs to soft-close seats, so that you’ll feel confident when it comes to finding your perfect WC.

1. Close-coupled toilets

A close-coupled toilet has a cistern that sits on top of the bowl. This means that the toilet and cistern are ‘coupled’ together, and are standing directly on the floor. Close-coupled toilets can be compact and have hidden pipes, so can be a great option for a small bathroom, and they’re also quick and easy to install.

2. Back to wall WC

As its name suggests, a back to wall toilet simply means that the pan is against the wall, and the cistern is separated from it. The cistern can be concealed (see below) or, as in old Victorian WCs, it can be hung higher up, above the pan. Separating the pan and cistern can give a sense of spaciousness to a bathroom, especially if the concealed option is chosen.

3. Concealed cistern

This means that the cistern is built in, and not visible (and the pan is back to wall or wall-hung). The cistern can be built into the wall, or you can create a unit for it, behind the pan, if there isn’t sufficient space in the wall. This is a very neat and tidy option and perfect for modern, minimalist bathrooms.

4. Wall-hung

Wall-hung toilets have a concealed cistern and a wall-hung pan. They are an excellent option for small bathrooms as they allow floor space to be kept clear which creates the illusion of a larger room. As well as its space-enhancing ability, their wall-hung design means they make cleaning easier; the entire exterior of the pan can be accessed, and you can mop the floor below it. They provide a modern look and can be hung at different heights depending on user requirements.

5. In-Tank toilets

In-Tank toilets are one of our most innovative toilet types. No cistern is visible and it’s not built-in either – the water tank is integrated into the WC bowl! This solution is great when you want a concealed cistern-look but are struggling for space in the wall to actually install it. As it’s an all-in-one piece, the installation of an In-Tank WC is a more simplified process than other WC types. The In-Tank also has a near-silent flush thanks to Soft Air – a Roca exclusive air injection system that propels water from the tank to all parts of the bowl. Finally, if sustainability is an important factor in your WC selection, rest assured that In-Tank has been designed with water and energy consumption in mind.

6. Smart toilets

Smart toilets combine the bidet function with a toilet, and usually come with a range of features to enhance the cleaning and user experience. Roca’s Smart toilet is In-Wash. Packed with technology to maximise comfort and hygiene, if you’re into tech and gadgetry the In-Wash might just be your perfect toilet! It offers users two types of cleaning – front and rear – and comes with an easy to use remote control which allows you to select water flow and temperature. Despite its many features, in terms of aesthetics, it’s minimalist, meaning that it can integrate effortlessly to a range of bathroom styles.

7. Compact toilets

These toilets have a smaller footprint. They protrude a shorter distance from the wall than other toilet types, so it’s a great choice for smaller spaces. Despite being compact, there is no trade off in terms of user experience. The seat is the same size as on a normal toilet – it’s only the space behind the seat that has been reduced.

8. Comfort height toilets

These toilets have a slightly higher seat than your usual WC. This means that they are kinder on knees and hips and a good choice for the elderly or those with mobility issues.

9. Rimless toilets

Rimless toilets are toilets with a re-designed WC bowl; the traditional rim is replaced with a smooth edge, letting the water flow around the edge of the pan when flushed, rather than flowing from inside the rim. This innovation makes Rimless toilets easy to clean and generally more hygienic because the design eliminates the nooks and crannies where dirt and bacteria can build-up. Enhancing hygiene levels further still, the flush system of Rimless toilets has been adapted for optimum water force and distribution.

10. Antibacterial toilet seats

There are toilet seats that are antibacterial thanks to their material composition. Antibacterial Roca toilet seats are manufactured in Supralit®, a resin that ensures maximum hygiene thanks to its reduced porosity. This eliminates germs and bacteria from accumulating on its surface. Supralit® Roca toilet seats are also extremely resistant to UV light and chemical agents, guaranteeing high levels of durability. Finally, a simple concept that can make a big difference: Roca’s antibacterial toilet seats are soft close – no more slamming toilet seats!