Our guide to maximising your space with our small bathroom ideas

Small bathroom ideas and tips that give big results

Modern homes are getting smaller, especially in urban areas, and so are their bathrooms, leaving us in need of some small bathroom ideas. But a small bathroom doesn’t have to limit your design aspirations – in fact, your small bathroom ideas are an opportunity to let your creativity run wild and discover the range of small baths, small vanity units, and bathroom mirror cabinets to suit your space. Introduce the feeling of luxury with a rain shower, and explore how innovations in technology and design can provide a range of simple solutions for making the most of a compact bathroom space while maintaining an engaging style and high functionality. Here are our tips to help you take full advantage of your space, no matter the size.

Smart toilets, smart solutions

Smart toilets are best known for their state-of-the-art technology and customisable features, but they’re also practical options that can also save you serious space in your bathroom. Smart toilets combine the latest toilet innovations with the functionality of a bidet, uniting the most essential hygienic features of each, into a single model and eliminating the need to occupy crucial space with separate units. Smart toilets allow us to use less toilet paper, meaning they’re easier on the environment. For extra organisation, take advantage of the space you gain by adding an external storage column for towels and toiletries, and look at small baths and small vanity units to further maximise your space.

(Pictured: Wall-hung In-Wash® In-Tank® from Roca’s Inspira collection)

Simplify your shower

Opening up your shower space is a simple way to allow the area to become part of the whole room. Replacing solid partitions with glass will give the illusion of space, and teaming with a rain shower can create a feeling of calm and openness. Extra-slim, ground-level shower trays give a sophisticated, modern touch to bathrooms while at the same time offering greater accessibility. Recessed shelves in a showering space, within stud walls, offer extra storage without cluttering the floor space or room within the shower enclosure. In the shower space, less is more.

(Pictured: Roca’s Cratos Superslim SENCERAMIC® shower tray in matt white)

Compact vanities for compact bathrooms

Small vanity units integrate the basin into a furniture cabinet to provide high functionality, easy maintenance and plenty of storage. Store towels and larger items below while keeping the top free for hand soaps and other toiletries. Choose a unit with multiple drawers to keep everything you need close at hand while at the same time tightly organised. Increase the feeling of space even further with a floating vanity, which is anchored to the wall and leaves a space between the unit and the floor.

(Pictured: Roca’s Ona unik vanity with basin, light oak finish)

Two-in-one solutions offer space and sustainability

Two-in-one units represent the latest in contemporary design for the bathroom while taking a major step forward in sustainability. These units use water from the basin, filter and purify it, and reuse it in the toilet cistern, resulting in a significant reduction in the amount of freshwater the toilet will use. And because the basin and toilet are integrated, the amount of space used is kept to a minimum. This simple design solution cuts down considerably on water consumption while also opening up major space in your bathroom.

(Pictured: Wall-hung vitreous china WC and basin from Roca’s W+W collection)

Bathroom mirror cabinets create space and storage

Upgrading from flat mirrors to bathroom mirror cabinets can generate instant storage in any bathroom without taking up any additional space. These bathroom mirror cabinets have come back in style in a big way in recent years, embraced by modern designers as practical solutions for the compact bathrooms found in many urban homes. Bathroom mirror cabinets typically come wall-mounted with interior shelving, offering storage for toiletries, makeup and other necessities, freeing up valuable space below. Mounted above small vanity units, bathroom mirror cabinets are the ideal space-saving combo. Some designs might incorporate other useful features such as integrated LED lighting or shaving sockets, making these a versatile solution for any bathroom.

(Pictured: Roca’s Luna mirror cabinet, wall-hung with one door)

Small baths

If you think your only choice for small bathroom ideas is a shower enclosure then you can reconsider your options. Small baths can fit into more compact spaces, with sizes from as small as 1500 x 700mm, including freestanding baths of the same size. Paired with a rain shower overhead and small vanity units you can fit in all you need, without compromise

(Pictured: Maui Stonex® bath in Beige, L90 floorstanding bath shower mixer)