Designing a more sustainable bathroom with water saving taps and rimless toilets

Whether you’re simply upgrading your Roca toilet seats and thermostatic shower mixer, or taking on a full renovation, explore our most sustainable design ideas and product innovations to transform your bathroom space.

As we all become more conscious about our impact on the environment, Roca’s commitment to innovation and design means that it’s easier than ever before to design a sustainable, yet comfortable and design-led, bathroom space. In this article, we take a look at some of our most sustainable products for your bathroom, from installing a thermostatic shower mixer and water saving taps to Roca toilet seats and rimless toilets, to help save water, energy and money.


Stop the accidental activation of the boiler with Roca’s Cold Start technology. Found in more than half of Roca’s brassware collections, it’s never been easier to find a design to suit your taste and budget. Choose a basin mixer from the Insignia collection and inject some colour into the space, with finishes in Titanium Black, Rose Gold or Brushed Titanium Black. Or opt for something more subtle with a tap from the Alfa collection instead, which also features Cold Start.

We understand that the bathroom is a very busy place in the mornings, and taps can accidentally be left running for too long. Deciding to install an electronic motion sensor tap may be the answer to saving litres of water every day. Water saving taps with touchless technology will also minimise contact and prioritise good hygiene habits in the home. Choose between battery or mains powered, and brassware designs to suit different styles of basins such as L20-E or Loft-E.

Reducing water consumption is made easy with aerators in taps, limiting the flow without compromising on the feeling of water pressure. Choosing water saving taps with an aerator can reduce water usage by 50% thus choosing a tap such as Cala, can positively impact the planet and your water bill!


It’s easier than you might think to save water when using the toilet. Feeling bold? Then opt for a 2-in-1 solution with the W+W, a combined washbasin and WC, that filters and purifies the water from the basin, allowing it to be reused to flush the WC. Or if your bathroom design is more conventional, select a dual flushing toilet, typically consuming 4.5 litres for a full flush and 3 litres for a partial flush.

Innovations such as rimless toilets from Roca are even more efficient. Propelling the water with greater force, the rimless design exceeds European Standards and is more hygienic. The design of rimless toilets creates a smooth, easy-to-clean surface which is better for the health of the environment and your family.


A bathtub should be nothing less than the luxurious, relaxing retreat you deserve. Through ergonomic design and precise placement of the overflow, Roca has several bathing solutions that encourage you to use less water. The 1700 x 700 Contesa bath, allows you to still enjoy all the benefits, but with 130 and 156 litre maximum capacity options.

Even when choosing a freestanding desgin, Roca has more compact options such as the iconic Beyond bath made from Surfex®. Measuring a modest 1600 x 750mm, the special composition of minerals and resins help maintain the water temperature for longer, thus eliminating the need to keep topping up the bath, saving both water and energy.


Give yourself the most exquisite showering space with textured, warm-to-the-touch shower trays made from innovative and durable materials such as Senceramic® and Stonex®. Sustainable solutions made from durable materials will stand the test of time, thus extending the overall lifespan of each product.

We all know that a quick, timely shower uses less water than a bath, but have you ever thought about how much water is wasted, waiting for the shower to warm up to the perfect temperature? Installing a Roca thermostatic shower mixer will help achieve your desired temperature in a matter of seconds, saving you not only time, but water and energy too. For a modern, on-trend finish, consider the T-1000 thermostatic shower mixer, available in Roca’s exclusive Everlux coating; Titanium Black.

We have technology in all areas of our home because it makes our lives easier and more efficient. As this philosophy extends into the bathroom, revolutionise your showering experience with Roca’s Smart Shower. Customise your complete morning or evening routine using the free app on your smartphone. You can pre-program the water, so it’s preheated to your ideal temperature, select your preferred showering duration, and monitor your water usage with the app. You can also save water when lathering and shampooing, with the easy pause feature on the intelligent glass shower control.


Keeping your bathroom items tidy will avoid ‘forgetting’ about products and buying more than you need. Maximise the space beneath your basin with floor standing furniture from Lander. Two large drawers allow you to store, organise and easily view all the items you have. You may find that a practical shelf under your basin is the best option for you, ensuring you’re always able to see and find exactly what you need. For a custom made shelf, choose Modo, made-to-order to suit your exact dimensions. Or for a scandi-inspired solution, there’s Savana. Column units are a great way to utilise small narrow spaces in your bathroom, and for a vintage-inspired look, the Carmen column unit might be right up your street. Store products safely away from tiny hands, yet no longer lose sight and forget about all those bathroom essentials with its practical glass door.


When choosing a WC, consider a design that has the option of a toilet seat made from our exclusive antibacterial resin, Supralit®. Roca toilet seats made from this innovative material are resistant to chemicals and UV, keeping them looking newer for longer. They are more durable and you don’t have to replace as often, so choosing one of the Roca toilet seats made from Supralit® is a great way to avoid waste.

Did you know that the glaze used on basins and toilets made from vitreous china is antibacterial? This means it’s possible to use more natural cleaning solutions that are less harmful to the environment. But it’s important to remember to follow the specific care instructions for each Roca bathroom product.

Basins manufactured in Fineceramic®, have thin, 5mm walls making them 40% lighter than traditional ceramics. This combined with Fineceramic® using less energy during firing, means a reduction of emissions during the manufacturing process, and when it’s being transported.


The sustainable choices for your bathroom don’t have to stop here. What about the walls and floors? It’s easier than ever to source tiles that contain recycled content; and for a healthier space, choose paints that have zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

Once you start using your bathroom, you can try to phase out single-use plastics for more sustainable options that are kinder to the planet. Bamboo toothbrushes, bars of soap, and reusable cotton pads to remove make-up are all great places to start. And don’t forget about toilet paper, reduce the amount you flush by installing a smart toilet such as those found in the Inspira collection.

From material innovation to water-saving solutions, there are plenty of ways to create a sustainable and design-led bathroom!