How to save energy in the bathroom

There are many ways to reduce water usage, but with the help of sensor taps, a Smart Shower and thermostatic shower mixers, you can go a step further to saving energy

From simple swaps like choosing from one of Roca’s small baths and thermostatic shower mixers to the innovative Smart Shower and sensor taps for your basin, our top tips will not only help do your bit for the planet, but also stop you flushing money down the drain…

What can you do every day to save water?

It might not seem like much but turning off the tap when it’s not in use can make a huge difference, like when you’re brushing your teeth, or lathering up. Try to shave a minute off your shower, aiming for no more than five minutes! And if you enjoy a daily bath, try swapping it at least twice a week for a shower.

Clever buys for your basin

Firing up the boiler unnecessarily is also a huge energy-zapper. Taps with Cold Start technology means the flow always begins with cold water when the lever faces forward, so the heating system is only activated when hot water is needed. Offering efficiency and style in one, you can choose from four different colourways in the Ona collection, including on-trend Matt Black and Rose Gold, while the angular shape of the Cala basin tap gives a contemporary edge.


Electronic sensor taps are an efficient way to stop the tap running when not in use. Roca’s L90 basin taps will only flow when they sense motion, automatically turning off after a few seconds. Roca’s sensor taps can be mains or battery operated.

Savvy showering innovations

Roca’s thermostatic shower mixers use Quick Reaction technology to enable the water to reach your desired temperature in less than 3 seconds, so water isn’t wasted while it heats up. With a range to choose from including Insignia’s four stylish colour choices and T-1000’s sleek design, there are thermostatic shower mixers to suit every bathroom.


Roca’s Smart Shower enables you to control your showering experience with an intelligent panel that can modify the flow and regulate the temperature as well as pausing while you lather. The free App on your smartphone will also allow you to preheat the Smart Shower to your preferred temperature, set your ideal showering duration and monitor your water usage.

Small baths can save water

Baths can be one of the main offenders when it comes to water consumption, but they don’t have to be. Choose low-capacity or small baths, such as Maui, and you can reduce the amount of water you use by several litres – check out the water capacity in the specifications when researching small baths.


Certain materials can also hold heat better than others, keeping water at its optimum temperature for longer, avoiding the need to add more hot water while you soak. Cast iron is a popular choice, especially if you’re looking for a traditional style like Roca’s Carmen and Eliptico. For a lighter option check out the compact Beyond bath, made with Roca’s unique material Surfex®, or a Stonex® bath such as Ona’s rectangular and asymmetric corner baths. Or the beautifully smooth and curvaceous free-standing designs from the Raina, Maui and Kauai collections. The possibilities are endless!